#SuperbOwl_Saves Takes Flight During Super Bowl To Aid Australian Wildlife

ROCHESTER, NY, Jan. 31, 2020 – With “Superb Owl” being the most mistyped online search term around the Super Bowl, Partners + Napier is introducing @SuperbOwl_Saves via Twitter during the Big Game on Feb. 2 to help aid Australian wildlife affected by that country’s devastating bushfires.

Superb Owl is a part-time ad connoisseur, full-time humanitarian. This internet meme turned activist will support his fellow animals across the sea by donating his time to review Sunday’s best spots – and help raise money for World Wildlife Fund’s Bushfire Emergency. Follow along @SuperbOwl_Saves.

So why Superb Owl?  There are 11 species of owls in Australia, plus thousands of other animals impacted by the fires who desperately need help.

“Partners + Napier’s sister agency in Australia — Dig + Fish — reached out to ask for help in any way possible, so instead of a typical agency review of Super Bowl spots, the team decided to take action instead,” said Chief Creative Officer Rob Kottkamp.

Following are a few sample tweets primed to take wing during the Super Bowl based on the pre-release of some of the spots.  “Mostly the reactions of the Superb Owl will be in real time as the unexpected always unfolds during an experience like this,” added Kottkamp.

  • Actually, @reeses, I was partially raised by wolves. How about we help WWF save our dingo cousins from the bushfires? https://bit.ly/3aQKiRq #SuperbOwlSaves #ReesesTake5 #Reeses
  • Yes, @discovercard. Now, let’s say the same when it comes to helping WWF help the animals of the bushfire. https://bit.ly/3aQKiRq #SuperbOwlSaves
  • Ok, @google. Once our tears dry up, let’s all remember to help WWF wipe out the bushfires. https://bit.ly/3aQKiRq #SuperbOwlSaves


  • Agency: Partners + Napier
  • Chief Creative Officer: Rob Kottkamp
  • Executive Creative Director: Mike Baron
  • Group Creative Director: Andy Rose
  • Director of UX and Development: Jake Abbott
  • Associate Creative Director: PJ Galgay
  • Copywriter: Justin Lahue
  • UX Designer: Marco Fesyuk
  • Junior UX Designer: Phil DeCicca
  • Group Media Director: Jordan Murphy
  • Senior Social Media Manager: Michelle Spinnler
  • Project Manager: Cate Fabens-Jones

Press Contact:  Wally Petersen, [email protected], +1-312-804-3475