Public Sentiment Towards Facebook Data Collection, Privacy, and Online Marketing in 2019

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Clever Real Estate surveyed Americans about their feelings towards online advertising, privacy, and data collection.

Digital Advertising in China

In this infographic, Mintel talks about digital advertising strategies to reach consumers in China.

State of Voice

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Adobe Digital Insights surveyed consumers about smart speakers and voice assistants.

Millennials | Where They Shop. How They Shop. Why it Matters.

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SmarterHQ asked Millennials about their shopping habits and marketing preferences, revealing best practices for reaching them through email.

Digital Media Trends Survey

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Deloitte provides insight into the media habits of U.S. consumers by generation in its annual report.

Marketing to Generation X in the UK

Mintel gives advice on how brands can reach the UK Gen X market in this infographic.

Marketing to Women in the UK

Mintel gives insights on marketing to women in the UK with information on the most effective ads by medium, categories that hold the most interest for women, and attitudes toward ads incorporating body size, mental health, and age.

Marketing to Men in the UK

Mintel gives advice on marketing to men in the UK in this infographic.

AdReaction: Getting Gender Right

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Kantar looks into the current state of gender in brand strategy, creative response, and media targeting.  The report also includes a global survey of marketers and consumer responses to thousands of brands, campaigns, and ads.

Taking a Pulse on Advertising

kNOW Instant Insights from Critical Mix surveyed consumers about their attitudes towards advertising, exclusively for the 4A’s.

TV and Media 2017

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Ericsson details growth in TV and video viewing around the world and the ongoing shift in the way people watch content.