To Fight Fraud in OTT, 4A’s Is Creating a Playbook for Media Buyers

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Emergent threat looms over popular connected TV Published in Adweek, August 7, 2019 The American Association of Advertising Agencies is poised to launch an anti-fraud playbook to help media buyers steer clear of the pitfalls associated with connected TV as its popularity grows. The guidelines are set for publication next quarter with backing from some […]

The Next Frontier of OTT |

Comscore shares its presentation on trends in over-the-top viewing habits by Americans.

Industry Pulse: A Look Ahead at 2019

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Integral Ad Science surveyed digital ad professionals to learn how the challenges they face will drive change in the digital advertising industry.

A New Video World Order | What Motivates Consumers? |

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In its annual report on video consumption, PwC divides consumers into five distinct video watching segments and provides demographic profiles, viewing habits, and audience motivations for each.

Your Guide to Building a Better Marketing Strategy for Reaching Today’s Viewers

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Download this guide from Think with Google to learn new trends in video viewing and best ways for brands to reach the right audience in this new landscape.

Blockchain for Video Advertising: A Market Snapshot of Publisher and Buyer Use Cases

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Check out the IAB’s in-depth paper that uncovers strong use cases for blockchain technology in digital video advertising.