What are NFTs and How Can Advertising Agencies “Cash In?” |

On Thursday, July 15th, 2021 the 4A’s Business Intelligence & Insight team aired their latest webinar “What are NFTs and how can Advertising Agencies Cash In? NFTs have seemingly come from nowhere to become a must-have for all brands. Described as a “slam dunk,” powerful brands across the world, including Taco Bell, Charmin and Kellogg’s, […]

Adweek – What’s Next?

Agency Comms IN FOCUS Webinar Series Airdate: Thursday, July 15, 2021 It’s been a tumultuous year and a half for our industry, and that includes those who write about it. Designed for PR and communication professionals in the industry, join Ogilvy’s Global Chief Communications Officer David Ford as he speaks with Adweek’s Managing Editor Chris […]

The 4A’s Talent Matters Forum Insights and Guidance for DE&I Success |

On June 16th, 2021 The 4A’s South Texas Council Board of Governors hosted The 4A’s Talent Matters Forum Insights and Guidance for DE&I Success. This special forum was for 4A’s member agency executives, managers, and staff in the South Texas Council Area. The death of George Floyd in 2020 served as an unfortunate catalyst for […]

The 4A’s Florida Council Tech Talk Forum |

On May 26, 2021, The 4A’s Florida Council Board of Governors held a 4A’s member-exclusive special presentation for agency leaders, managers, and staff in the Florida Council area. The ad industry experienced significant disruption from the COVID-19 pandemic, and most notably in the forced displacement of personnel from their offices. Agencies were literally forced overnight […]

Seven Ways Agencies Can Diversify Their Revenue Streams

On April 28, 2021, Mark Piazza from the Business Intelligence and Insight Team hosted Tim Williams to discuss how to trade your agency’s rate card for the concept of a “pricing stack” – a variety of ways you can get paid for the value you create instead of the hours you work. This also has […]

The 4A’s Agency Effectiveness Forum Insights and Guidance for Success in Virtual Pitches |

On April 28th, 2021 the 4A’s River States Council Board of Governors held a special forum for 4A’s member agency managers and staff in the River States advertising community. The COVID-19 pandemic forced a multitude of adjustments for agencies during 2020, and conducting new business activity was certainly disrupted.  Most significantly, agencies were restricted to […]

How to Have Better Pricing Discussions with Procurement Webinar |

On April 1st, 2021 the 4A’s Business Intelligence & Insight team and Bobby Singh, SVP, Global Commercial Officer, at WPP hosted a webinar on how to have better pricing discussions with Procurement. In this talk, Bobby explored: Why pricing is important How Procurement views suppliers (commodity vs strategic suppliers) The common approaches procurement uses to […]

How to Negotiate with Procurement (Webinar) |

On March 24, 2021, the BI&I group hosted “How to Negotiate with Procurement” (Webinar) with guest presenter Tom Kinnaird, Founder and Managing Director of Kinnaird Negotiation (and former Chief Procurement Officer at WPP).  Tom Kinnaird’s aim during this webinar presentation was to help you and your teams navigate complex and challenging negotiations. While at WPP, […]

Vaccine Mandates – Video Vignette |

Many of our member agencies have returned to the office.  Many have not but do expect to slowly migrate back to the office as the general population gets vaccinated in the wake of the COV-19 pandemic.  However, It could be months before we achieve herd immunity but in the interim many agencies are faced with […]

States’ Digital Advertising Tax Initiatives: An Overview With Alison Pepper and Sal Conte Of The 4A’s – Video Vignette |

This video, produced on February 11, 2021, provides a discussion on current states’ digital tax initiatives that may have an impact on agencies, and how agencies should begin to prepare for them. Please feel free to contact either Alison Pepper, 4A’s, EVP – Government Relations, or Sal Conte, 4A’s, VP – Business Intelligence & Insight […]

Your Business Continuity Plan: COVID-19 Shattered It – Feb 3, 2021 |

The 4A’s met on Wednesday, February 3, 2021, to discuss the following topic: Your Business Continuity Plan: COVID-19 Shattered It. What You Must Do Now for Your Next Business Interruption. The virus forced agencies to re-engineer their Business Continuity Plans on the fly. Now is the time to reassess your Business Continuity Plans to incorporate […]

The 4A’s Cybersecurity Joint Community Meeting |

On Thursday, December 10th The 4A’s held a Cybersecurity Joint Community Meeting co-sponsored by the 4A’s and the law firm of Wilk Auslander.  Our co-presenter was Natalie Shkolnik, Partner at Wilk Auslander LLP ([email protected]). This meeting invite was broadly extended to a wide community of attendees including HR, Finance, Technology, President & Founders, COO’s, CEO’s, […]