Talent Talk: What’s the role of the LGBTQI+ community in changing diversity initiatives in the agency world

4A's Talent Talk logoJune 29, 2020

There is so much going on the world right now, it is easy to forget that it is Pride month. The LGBTQI+ plays an important role in forming culture and leading change. The intersectionality between the Black Lives Matter movement and the Gay movement is intrinsically linked. In this discussion, Brian Vaught, Graham Nolan, and Simon Fenwick will talk about the role the LGBTQI+ ERGs play in changing and driving diversity initiatives both past, present, and future.

Graham Nolan, PR Consultant and Co-Chair, Storytelling & Partnerships, Do The WeRQ
Brian Vaught, SVP – Talent Inclusion, Publicis Media US
 Ash Ramirez, Engagement & Inclusion Manager, Droga5
Simon Fenwick (Moderator), EVP–Talent, Equity & Inclusion, 4A’s