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Services and Offerings 

Source of Information

4A's members can offer their clients expanded or improved services through access to an unparalleled source of advertising related information. They can also modify or improve their own internal practices and procedures through published management studies, individual consultation, and through the knowledge and expertise gathered from other members, large and small, all over the country. The 4A's can also provide members with research that will help them win new clients and keep up to date in order to retain existing accounts.

Access to Programs and Peer Groups

With membership comes the opportunity to participate in professional development programs and seminars, and to take advantage of the association's group insurance, retirement, and affinity discount plans. It also means meeting and sharing expertise with other agencies through 4A's committees, regions, and councils. Members can also participate in Forums, in which top executives from non-competing agencies of similar size from different geographical areas convene to candidly discuss common problems and issues. As a member, your agency can become a more effective, productive and profitable marketing communications business because the 4A's offers you information and services on virtually every aspect of running a communications agency. 4A's services and benefits will make your staff more knowledgeable, better informed, more efficient, and better able to serve your clients.

Industry Representation

4A's members benefit from the association's government relations programs which provide increasing protection of the advertising agency business against unfair or harmful federal and state legislation and form the 4A's role as an industry representative to clients, media, educators, and the general public.

4A's Members Are Its Strength

4A's members know that membership is a two-way street. Member executives serve on our national Board of Directors and on the Boards of Governors of our four Regions and 26 local Councils. More than 600 professionals from member agencies work together on our 46 committees and sub-committees on projects that benefit all agencies. 4A's members participate in the Institutes of Advanced Advertising Studies, and the Multicultural Advertising Intern Program. They instruct at our seminars, write booklets, and host industry meetings nationwide. And member responses to our confidential management studies create the reliable, credible data for which the association is so well known.

4A's Services

Research Services. This division is staffed with professional information specialists to handle member inquiries on virtually every aspect of advertising and the agency business in the U.S. and abroad.

Agency Management Services. This division helps agency principals reach sound financial, management and administrative decisions via the collective experience of member agencies of all sizes.

Media Services. This division counsels members who seek media advice and information, establishes discounts with vendors for various products and services used by media professionals at member agencies, and programs the annual Media Conference & Tradeshow. This division also manages fifteen media-oriented committees whose members discuss industry issues and provide guidance on solving media-related problems.

Conferences and Special Events. This division satisfies member agencies' staff training and development needs by designing and sponsoring dozens of programs nationwide as well as overseeing the crucial details of all of the 4A's national conferences.

Insurance and Employee Benefits. AAAA Benefits, Inc. offers member agencies group plans at competitive rates for life or long-term disability insurance, as well as workers' compensation plans, agency liability insurance, employee assistance programs and retirement plans.

Government Relations Information and Expertise. The 4A's Washington office works to battle advertising taxes and protect the freedom to advertise. Members receive help in understanding the direct effects that certain government legislation and regulation may have on the agency business.

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4A's Agency Communications Summit 2016
June 8 | Conference
Come meet the most important journalists covering the advertising, marketing and media industries today.
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