TV’s Biggest Moment is Now

New Insights into Advanced TV and How Advertisers Can Succeed


According to research from Samsung Ads, today’s most valuable TV audience is made up of Total TV Watchers, those who view content from streaming, cable, satellite and, yes, even antennas.

While many in the industry have tried to separate streaming and cable/satellite TV audiences, new insights from the Samsung Smart TV Viewer Behavior Study – 1H 2019 reveal a much more complex ecosystem and digs into this powerful group of consumers that has emerged.

Key findings from the newest report from Samsung Ads include:

  • Profile and spending habits by category of the Total TV Watcher
  • Top viewing trends like new fragmentation habits, who’s getting lost in non-ad supported environments, and which devices are popular
  • Clear guidance on how to adapt and be successful in the changing landscape.

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