Twin Cities Pitch Boot Camp 4A’s IAAS 2020

It’s time to give your next generation of ad industry leaders the opportunity to enhance their agency experience through participation in the 2020 4A’s Minneapolis Pitch Boot Camp.

4A’s New England IAAS 2020

The IAAS is designed to accelerate the professional development of “particularly promising” mid-level advertising professionals.

IAAS San Francisco

4A’s San Francisco IAAS 2020

The 4A’s Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) offers San Francisco’s next great marketing and communications leaders the opportunity to expand their exposure to the business-driving solutions that our industry creates.

IAAS Los Angeles

4A’s Los Angeles IAAS 2020

The 4A’s Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) provides Los Angeles’ next great marketing and communications leaders the opportunity to expand their exposure to the business-driving solutions that our industry creates.

4A’s Decisions 20/20

4A’s Decisions 20/20 is designed to address pressing industry issues around the intersection of data & media and technology & privacy concerns. Industry leaders will come together on April 20-21, 2020 to focus on what’s driving the pace of change including technology, social platforms and advances in data.

IAAS Dallas

4A’s Dallas IAAS 2020

The 4A’s Dallas Council Institute for Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) is the perfect developmental vehicle for your next generation of agency leaders. It is an investment in an agency’s future.

IAAS Atlanta

4A’s Atlanta IAAS 2020

The 4A’s Atlanta IAAS program (Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies) is an “experience accelerator” helping Atlanta’s next great marketing and communications leaders expand their knowledge and their craft.

4A’s Stratfest 2019 Jay Chiat Award– National Strategy – Grand Prix

Marketing & Communications

Joanna Schwab, m:united McCann | Microsoft National Strategy 33 million people with disabilities play video games to do things they can’t do in the physical world. Reaching the world of disabled gamers through the Xbox Adaptive Controller was meant to demonstrate Microsoft’s mission and innovation prowess.   “For gamers with disabilities, gaming lets them do […]

4A’s StratFest 2019 Jay Chiat Award–Winning Case Study: Global Strategy

John Antoniello, VP–Senior Group Creative Director, Publicis Sapient Jennifer Berry, Managing Partner/Account Lead, Publicis Sapient Changing media representation can change lives. Changing the way women are depicted in media and advertising depends as much on changing who’s in front of the lens as who’s behind it. The campaign aimed to broaden representation to represent all […]

Create Like a YouTube Star: Developing Lasting Relationships through Content

  Johannes Helms, Creative Effectiveness Lead, Google Ingrid Nilsen, YouTube Creator   YouTube creators are positioned to help marketers and agencies strategize how to develop lasting relationships with consumers through content that evolves with the creators’ values and the broader culture, influences purchases, and updates the rules of engagement throughout the customer journey.   “My […]

4A’s StratFest 2019: favorite planning tools, hacks, and resources

Marketing & Communications

Attendees shared their favorite tools. 4A’s Research WARC Audience research Answer the Public BrandWatch Facebook Audience Insights Google Surveys Instapanel inVibe Simmons Synthesio Think With Google Brand/business research Amazon reviews: natural language processing Company job boards Contagious I/O: case studies Lexalytics: natural-language processing Moz: search activity Quid: search activity Seeking Alpha: CEO […]

4A’s Stratfest 2019 Embracing a New Internet: People-First Strategy for a Decentralized Web

Luke Mulks, Director of Business Development, Brave Software   With privacy, security, and blockchain technological advances converging in a new people-first era for the internet, this session aimed to prepare strategists and marketers on how to plan, navigate, and succeed.   Download Presentation   < Return to event index