Dining Out in 2019

Restaurant industry growth and consumer dining out trends are examined in this Mintel infographic.

Movie Theaters

Mintel highlights the differences of avid vs. casual moviegoers and what movie theaters can do to cater to both.

Car Purchasing Process

Mintel reveals consumer insights into the car buying process in this infographic series.

Seniors and Health

Mintel examines seniors’ attitudes towards their health and challenges they face.

Home Improvement and Maintenance

Get insight into the home improvement consumer in this Mintel infographic.

Cooking Enthusiasts

Learn people’s motivations for cooking at home, types of technology used when cooking, and more in this Mintel infographic. 

The Restaurant Decision Making Process

Mintel examines factors diners use when choosing where to go out to eat in this infographic series.

Technology Habits of Families in the UK

Mintel shares their insights on the tech habits of families in the UK.

Marketing to Moms

In this infographic series, Mintel reports top priorities of Moms, duties they want help with, household management skills, and attitudes towards advertising. Insights into Hispanic and African-American Moms are featured.

The Millennial BPC Consumer in the UK

Mintel explores the beauty and personal care market for UK millennials with insights on messaging to women, strategies to reach men, and the importance of making the shopping experience entertaining.

Better for You Snacking in Canada

Mintel explores Canadian snacking trends and how can brands improve consumer reach.

Marketing to Parents in the UK

Mintel provides guidance on how to effectively reach UK parents.