Restaurants |

Mintel examines restaurant segment trends, as well as consumer attitudes about dining out during the pandemic.

The Luxury and Affluent Consumer |

Gain insight into luxury and affluent consumers in this infographic series from Mintel. Travel, financial services, beauty, shopping behaviors, and media habits are covered.

Snacking Motivations and Attitudes |

Mintel examines consumer snacking behaviors and preferences in its annual infographic.

Quick Service Restaurants |

Mintel examines top trends and consumer demands, especially for African American and Hispanic consumers, for quick services restaurants in its infographic series.

Managing Your Health |

Mintel’s annual infographic series on consumer health and wellness behaviors.

Gaming Trends 2021 |

Gain insight into consumer video game habits, preferences, path to purchase, and much more in this Mintel infographic series.

The Arts and Crafts Consumer |

Mintel examines the impact COVID-19 is having on arts & crafts and how interest will continue to be strong over the next few years.

Cooking in America |

Learn more about how the pandemic is impacting cooking behaviors in this Mintel infographic.

Improving the Home |

Get insight into the home improvement consumer in this Mintel infographic series.

Sports in 2021 |

Check out this Mintel infographic series to gain an understanding of avid sports fans, as well as ways they’re engaging with sports in light of the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Beauty Consumer |

This Mintel infographic series examines current beauty trends, as well as the importance of influencers on reaching beauty consumers. Impact of COVID-19 on personal care is also highlighted.

Marketing to Moms |

In this infographic series, Mintel reports top responsibilities of Moms, importance of children’s education, and attitudes towards advertising. Insights into Hispanic and African-American Moms are featured.