Electronics Retailing

Mintel looks into electronics retailer trends and examines consumer shopping habits for electronics in this infographic series.

Children’s Social Care in the UK

Mintel sees growth opportunity for children’s social care services in the UK. Segmentation of spend by care category, usage of referrals, initial assessments, and more are covered.

Digital Trends in China

Mintel explores trends in the ownership of digital devices in China with information on ownership rates, emerging products, and purchasing motivations.

Health and Fitness Clubs

Mintel provides insights into gym users and what they look for in a health and fitness club.

Marketing to Over-55s in China

Learn about the senior market in China in this infographic from Mintel.

Digital Consumer Trends in Canada

Mintel explores digital trends in Canada with information on new tech adoption, the bright future for wireless headphones, tasks performed on personal computers, and free content vs. paid content.

Digital Advertising in China

In this infographic, Mintel talks about digital advertising strategies to reach consumers in China.

Taking Stock with Teens

Research Services

Piper Jaffray releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and top fashion & beauty and restaurant brands.

Household Appliances

Mintel highlights consumer shopping habits and attitudes towards small and major household appliances in this infographic series.

Salty Snacks

Find out about consumer snacking behaviors, including reasons to eat salty snacks in this Mintel infographic.

Healthy Dining Trends

Mintel explores consumers’ healthy dining trends in this infographic.

The Business Traveler

Mintel examines the habits and preferences of business travelers, including the trend towards bleisure travel.