Long-Haul vs. Short-Haul Holidays in the UK |

Mintel shares with us their knowledge on travel trends in the UK with insights into long-haul vs. short-haul booking intentions, appeal of visiting multiple places in one holiday, eco-friendly accommodations, and important factors that contribute to trip purchases.

Marketing to Gen Z in Canada |

Mintel provides insights to help brands connect with the Gen Z consumer in Canada.

Taking Stock with Teens |

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Piper Jaffray releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and top fashion & beauty and restaurant brands.

The Online Dating Landscape in 2019 |

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Check out these statistics from GlobalWebIndex on the online dating scene with insights by gender, age, and sexual orientation, as well as looking at characteristics within each age group. Facebook’s entry into online dating is also discussed.

The Generation Z BPC Consumer in the UK |

Mintel looks into the Gen Z beauty and personal care market in the UK.

Marketing to Millennials in Canada |

In this infographic, Mintel explores the millennial population in Canada with information on adulthood, finances, experiences, and parenting.

The Luxury Consumer |

Learn about the buying habits of luxury consumers from Mintel.

Cleaning the House |

Mintel examines the cleaning behaviors and product buying habits of Americans in this infographic series.

America’s Pet Owners |

Mintel focuses on America’s pet owners and their buying behaviors in this series of infographics.

Mobile is Gen Z’s Living Room

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Gen Z turns to mobile to satisfy their need for all-day entertainment, according to new research from Whistle.

At What Age Are You Old? |

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Leger polled Canadians to find out their perception of old age. The outcome revealed some interesting results. Is it 55, 66 or 79? See how generations differ on the exact age when one is considered old in this infographic.

National Cannabis Survey: 2nd Quarter 2019 |

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The National Cannabis Survey (NCS), published by Statistics Canada, is designed to monitor cannabis consumption and behavior by Canadians. Check out the 2nd quarter 2019 results.