Snacking Motivations and Attitudes

Mintel examines consumer snacking behaviors and preferences in its annual infographic.

Marketing to Generation X in the UK

Mintel gives advice on how brands can reach the UK Gen X market in this infographic.

Fast Casual Restaurants

Mintel provides examples on how fast casual restaurants can move beyond lunchtime.

The Beauty Consumer

This Mintel infographic series examines current beauty trends, especially among African-American, Hispanic, and Gen Z women., as well as the importance of influencers on reaching beauty consumers.

Family Vacations in Canada

In this infographic, Mintel provides guidelines to travel brands that want to reach family vacationers in Canada.

Two-Thirds of Gen Z Males Say Gaming is a Core Component of Who They Are

Gain insight into Gen Z men’s video gaming behaviors, social components of gaming, and examples of brands targeting gamers successfully in this article from Whistle.

Food and Drink Shopper

Mintel examines the grocery shopping behaviors and preferences of  African American, Hispanic, and Millennial consumers. 

The Arts and Crafts Consumer

Mintel provides insights into the demographics of crafters, most popular crafts, types of stores they shop in, and where they get their inspiration.

Back to School Shopping

Mintel highlights back-to-school shopping behaviors and top influencers in its annual infographic.

What Do U.S. Consumers Think About CBD-infused Products?

With the rising popularity of CBD-infused products, 4A’s Research partnered with Critical Mix to find out consumers thoughts on and usage of such products. Read the exclusive survey results now!

Marketing to Women in the UK

Mintel gives insights on marketing to women in the UK with information on the most effective ads by medium, categories that hold the most interest for women, and attitudes toward ads incorporating body size, mental health, and age.

Marketing to Men in the UK

Mintel gives advice on marketing to men in the UK in this infographic.