What It Means to Be An Account Leader in 2020


By Matt Stiker “Unprecedented” is the word I keep hearing about the coronavirus crisis, and the impact it’s already had on our personal and professional lives in such a brief period of time. In times like these, we all have people, places, or things we turn to that help us get through the challenges and […]

4A’s Marla Kaplowitz in Campaign US: How the coronavirus is calling our industry into action

Marketing & Communications

Originally published and posted on Campaign US, March 19, 2020 By Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO, 4A’s The coronavirus has, and will continue to restructure how we feel safe, how we connect with others, and how we do business. When we tally up the number of ads pulled, events canceled, and revenue lost, combined with personal […]

How Bipartisanship Could Affect The Advertising Industry Following Midterms

Marketing & Communications

Op-ed by Dick O’Brien, EVP–Government Relations, and Alison Pepper, SVP–Government Relations, at 4A’s. Originally published in ADWEEK, November 21, 2018.   As the dust settles on the 2018 midterm elections, a few things have come into focus. One is that while this was maybe not a fully blue wave (depends on which historical perspective you use […]

ANA Report On In-Housing Isn’t Telling The Full Story, Says 4A’s

Marketing & Communications

Op-ed from Marla Kaplowitz, President and CEO, 4A’s. Original published on AdAge.com

Inspiring Your Perspective: Takeaways From StratFest

4A's Member

The 4A’s encourages its members to share their experiences and insights. Here, Jenessa Carder, Associate Strategy Director at Isobar U.S., shares her takeaways from the 4A’s Strategy Festival (Sept. 12-14) and her experience judging the Jay Chiat Awards/Global Strategy Category. Every year, hundreds of thinkers and all-around curious people descend upon New York to celebrate […]

Collaboration and Trust Are Key to the Client-Agency Relationship

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The 4A’s is committed to sharing the experiences, insights and views of its members. In this op-ed, Lisa Crawford, VP, integrated operations at Cronin, writes about collaboration and trust between clients and agencies. “If we want others to trust us, the first step is to be trustworthy.” –Onora O’Neill As someone who’s worked on the […]

Why Great Account Management Is Like Pornography

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The following op-ed was submitted by John Newall, president of McKinney.  There is perhaps no topic in advertising that has been more passive-aggressively debated than account management and the value, or scorn, it creates. Some agencies have built their business models with the claim they don’t have it. Every four years, it seems, the trades […]

How to Rebuild Trust in the Agency-Marketer Relationship

Marketing & Communications

This column by 4A’s President and CEO Marla Kaplowitz originally appeared in Adweek.  

Op-ed: What Everyone Should Know About Advertising on Podcasts

Learning & Development

Two thirds of people who have heard a podcast ad have taken some sort of action. In this op-ed, Jessica Kupferman discusses this response rate and the opportunities it presents for brands.