4A’s Executive VP of Government Relations on Defeating Washington D.C.’s Proposed 3% Ad Tax


Alison Pepper discusses how she and other organizations helped nix the D.C. Council’s tax that also would have included the sale of personal information, and why the fight isn’t over.   By Lindsay Rittenhouse and Max Sternlicht. Published on August 06, 2020. Original Ad Age article   Allison Pepper, executive VP of government relations for ad agency trade group 4A’s, scored […]

Podcast with Y&R Global CEO David Sable: Sailing the Winds of Engagement and Love for Goldfish Crackers

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Y&R Global CEO David Sable and Pepperidge Farm CMO, Chris Foley share insights on how to sail the wind of real engagement; leveraging champions rather than influencers and discuss why micro targeting is not always worth the premium.