Voice Playbook | The Definitive Marketer’s Guide to Voice

According to 360i “the next big thing” hitting the advertising and marketing industry is voice. The agency created this go-to manual for understanding the complex voice ecosystem and shares what they learned exploring and executing voice. Agencies and marketers will learn:

  • State of voice, major players, and consumer adoption
  • How to staff a voice team
  • Applying SEO principles to voice
  • Tips on creating a brand voice and what to consider when adding voice to your marketing mix
  • Recommendations for voice production
  • Need for a comprehensive discovery plan to keep your skill easy to find
  • Successful case studies of brands using voice.


Jared Belsky, CEO of 360i, further shares how he helps brands utilize voice assistance technology to deliver customer experiences that are actually helpful in this piece he wrote for Think with Google.

Download 360i | Voice Playbook