What It’s Like At: Ignited

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at another agency? Our What It’s Like At… series gives you a peek into the culture and work done by our member agencies across the country. This is what California-based Ignited told us:

Ignited is an independent advertising agency, founded in 1999, that works with brands seeking to transform their business through digitally connected marketing. Ignited extended its brand presence with the design and development of El Camp, a one-of-a-kind, co-working community located in El Segundo, California.

The office is “A Creative Community Built by the Power of Curiosity,” that houses Ignited’s Los Angeles offices as well as more than 20 companies at the intersection of marketing, media and technology.

Ignited’s office has a distinct summer camp vibe, from the picnic table-like workstations to the outdoor barbecue and fireplaces. This work environment was designed to evoke a warm, embracing feeling—with walls and floors in earth tones, furniture made from reclaimed wood instead of metal and shade trees and fire pits in the outdoor spaces. The summer-camp atmosphere encourages Ignited, and its tenants, to share ideas and experiences, across teams and with other businesses, in a functional, comfortable and truly collaborative environment.

—Contributed by the folks who work at Ignited