Women in the Workplace

This annual study from LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company looks at the state of women in corporate America. This year’s study focuses on how COVID-19 is impacting women’s careers now and in the long-term.

Key findings include:

  • Women remain dramatically underrepresented—particularly women of color—at every level of corporate America. The numbers have slowly improved since 2015; women in senior vice president roles grew 5% and those in the C-Suite rose 4%.
  • COVID-19 could erase any progress women have made in the workplace.
  • Pressures that are affecting all employees—lack of flexibility, “always-on” culture, lack of childcare support, burnout—are having a disproportionate impact on women as they tend to take on more responsibility in the home.
  • One in three mothers have considered leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers because of COVID-19.
  • Black women are less likely to feel supported at work.

The study includes steps companies can follow to create a more fair and inclusive work environment for women and mothers, as well as a framework for companies to better support and value Black women. Case studies of companies that are making a difference are featured too. Click here to download the full report.