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Survey – O’Reilly, Pepsi and Beyond: How Are Politics & Social Issues Impacting Brands?

Since the Presidential election, more brands are aligning with, or distancing themselves from, social and political issues. Some launch calculated campaigns designed to tap into the values of customers, while other are less deliberate, sometimes leading to unintended consequences for the brand.
With so much in the news (from Bill O’Reilly to United to Pepsi) – and so much at stake – we want to know what you think. Help the 4A’s collect and deliver insight on the considerations agencies and brands make when taking a stance on current socio-political issues.

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Farewell Address from 4A’s CEO Nancy Hill

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Meet the New 4A’s CEO, Marla Kaplowitz

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Management Practitioner’s Forum (MPF)

The popular MPF sessions explored topics of critical interest to agency management, including new business development, innovation, leadership, pricing options, data and analytics.

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IPA Foundation Certificate

Introducing the North American Edition of the IPA Foundation Certificate.
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