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The Business of People & Culture
Sept 27-28


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The Conference For Today's Planners
Oct 16-18

4A’s Strat-Fest

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Design and the Future of Advertising
Nov 9-10

CreateTech 2016

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August 31
Rock Star(t) Summer School Series: Power(ful) Points - How to Effectively Present Yourself in Business

Learn how to be an effective presenter and how to communicate clear and concise messages in this webinar, led by Melissa Schulz of GrayWolf Consulting.

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August 31
2016 Dallas Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (New Fall Session)

The Dallas Council is bringing the 4A’s Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) program to Dallas.

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September 12
Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series: Leading Great Meetings on the Phone, Online or In-Person

Join Gary Duke and start applying the techniques you learn in this webinar. Participants will be able to run crisper, more efficient meetings — meetings that keep everyone engaged and that result in decisions that move projects forward.

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September 13
4A’s Programmatic Workshop – Chicago Regional Session

Programmatic advertising is no longer an optional strategy. More than two-thirds of US digital display ad spending is programmatic. Join us for the Chicago Regional launch of the 4A’s Programmatic Workshop to learn how programmatic works and what’s involved.

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