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Pathways to Progress Global Youth Survey 2017: Economic Prospects & Expectations

Research Services

This survey by Ipsos and commissioned by Citi Foundation examines the economic prospects of young people aged 18-24 in 45 cities across 32 countries. Find out the careers they wish to pursue, resources available for employment opportunities, and obstacles they face along the way.

The 2017 Deloitte Millennial Survey

Research Services

Deloitte reports that millennials around the globe have lost confidence due to the terror attacks in Europe, Brexit, and the contentious U.S. Presidential Election.

The 4A’s and IPA Bring Back Award-Winning Training Program for Entry-Level Advertising Professionals in the United States

Marketing & Communications

The 4A’s and its U.K. counterpart are launching the second year of a coveted program that sets a worldwide certification standard for entry-level agency talent.

The Multi-Generational Labor Force

Research Services

Check out this AARP report to learn the similarities and differences among Millennials, Gen Xers, and Baby Boomers in the workforce. Topics include: Employment status Reasons to work Job characteristics they value Job satisfaction Benefits.

This is Adland ’17: Gender and Ethnicity

Research Services

This is the second survey by Campaign and the IPA on gender and ethnicity in UK advertising agencies.

Brave New Workplace: A Look at How Generations X, Y and Z Are Reshaping the Nature of Work

Research Services

Universum shares results of its survey of 18,000 Gen X, Y and Z students and professionals from 19 countries on their work styles, leadership qualities, and hopes and fears about future careers.

Agencies: Sign Up to Host a MAIP Fellow Today

Diversity Initiatives

Agencies: Are you interested in participating in the 4A’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program? The deadline for signing up is January 20th.

Confidential Study of Compensation in Member Agencies Now Available

This confidential study compares the overall compensation of the highest-paid individuals in 94 4A’s member agencies with annual gross income up to $75 million.

Meet the Three Types of People Who Will Launch Your Culture of Growth

Third Party Content

Think with Google talks about three personality types that build a culture of growth in marketing organizations.

Why Ageism is Adland’s Next Frontier

Research Services

This survey by Campaign and MEC uncovers the experiences and issues of ageism in the UK advertising and marketing industry.

Gen Z and Millennials Collide at Work

Research Services

Randstad and Future Workplace study the traits and workplace values of Millennial and Gen Z employees.

Australia’s Gender Equality Scoreboard

Research Services

This latest report from the Workplace Gender Equality Agency confirms Australia’s lower wages for women in every industry and their under-representation in management and leadership roles.

How to Stage a Creative Comeback

Research Services

This article from Campaign explains the current situation of working mothers in the UK advertising industry.

More Than a Quarter of Strategy Professionals Do Not See Themselves Working at Their Current Ad Agencies Within a Year

Marketing & Communications

LinkedIn and the 4A’s have released exclusive data around engaging and retaining strategy professionals, including that 28 percent of respondents do not see themselves working at their current agency in the next year.

Accelerating the Path to Leadership for Women in Marketing and Media

Research Services

She Runs It examines the career journeys of women in marketing and media industries.