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This section contains a wealth of resources, from upcoming training courses to national conferences, as well as highlights of past events, including videos, galleries and presentations.

Highlighted Conferences

The Business of People and Culture

September 27th-28th, 2016

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The conference for today’s planners

October 16th-18th, 2016

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Design and the Future of Advertising

November 9th-10th, 2016

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All Upcoming Events

Rock Star(t) Summer School Series:
Up Level from Entry Level – 5 Steps to Becoming a Polished Professional

Join Cecilia Gorman’s webinar that was designed to ease your transition into the corporate working environment, so you can quickly assimilate into office life. You’ll learn tactics to ease the transition from etiquette basics to essential communication tools. We’ll even teach you how to overcome negative stereotypes that you may face on the job.

Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series:
Adaptive Leadership in the Ever-Evolving Agency

Join Gary Duke who will introduce new approaches and techniques that can be used immediately by anyone who manages accounts and/or people, to better equip them in a business environment where change has become the only constant.

Rock Star(t) Summer School Series:
Time Flies – Learn To Manage Your Time To Make More Of It

Managing your time well is an important life goal, but even more important at an agency, as agency compensation is typically linked to staff hours and productivity. Join Melissa Schulz’s webinar that will arm you with a handful of techniques to transform your days by helping you manage your time more efficiently and effectively.

The Role of Ad-ID in Online Video: Ad-ID and IAB Video Ad Serving Template (VAST 4.0)

The Interactive Advertising Bureau’s Digital Video Ad Serving Template (VAST) 4.0 is calling for the use of Ad-ID as the creative identifier to be maintained across systems. This comp webinar will address how registering with Ad-ID enables advertising across video platforms, and why this registration is no longer an option, but a necessity in today’s cross platform media consumption world.

Rock Star(t) Summer School Series: More Than a Cog – How To Rock Your Responsibilities and Get Noticed

If you’re an entry-level employee new to the advertising industry, you’re probably wondering what to expect. You may be sweating about what’s going to be expected of you from your boss, team, and agency. Join Cecilia Gorman’s webinar to rock this thing from day one. This webinar touches on essential information that every entry-level employee should know.

Building a Brand Millennials Will Love

The cynical millennial generation has been called “a marketers’ worst nightmare”. Robin Hafitz and Allison O’Keefe Wright, Open Mind Strategy will share their research-grounded insights into the millennial generation and how to turn those insights into brand gold. Marketers, as well as agency personnel working on brands that need millennial buy-in will benefit.

Stop Servicing, Start Leading Series: Mastering Difficult Conversations with Clients

Join Gary Duke’s webinar as he highlights proven techniques for mastering potentially uncomfortable conversations, while keeping both the client’s and agency’s best interests in mind.

Rock Star(t) Summer School Series: But I’m Not A Leader! – How To Lead When It’s Not Your Title

Join Melissa Schulz’s webinar as she talks about the definition of leadership and the impact of leadership in business. Every employee at every level is capable of having a presence, showing initiative and looking for opportunities to lead based on your values. It’s never too early to sharpen your leadership skills, and the earlier you begin, the better!

#MAIPSummit 2016

At the first MAIP Summit, MAIP Alumni will come together to engage with thought-leaders and learn innovative best practices, while further their professional development and re-engaging with the alumni community.

The Face of Talent 2016

The Face of Talent is a multi-day symposium that celebrates, challenges, and connects MAIP fellows and industry professionals through an interactive forum, leadership luncheon, career fair, and evening reception.

Rock Star(t) Summer School Series: LOL, WTH and OMG – Your Guide to Surviving A Cross-Generational Workplace

Join Cecilia Gormans’s webinar as she will address the challenges of being in a continually more diverse workforce.

Building a Successful Content Marketing Strategy For Your Brand With LinkedIn

Join Jon Lombardo, Creative Strategy Lead at LinkedIn, as he explores how you can create a successful content marketing strategy for your company on LinkedIn and presents real examples of brands that are doing it right.

Rock Star(t) Summer School Series: The New “Creative” – Mastering Creativity In Any Role

Within the advertising industry, the ability to think in new ways is priceless. At an agency, everyone is expected to contribute creative ideas, no matter their role. Join Cecilia Gorman’s webinar as she will introduce you to methods for improving creative thinking.

Town Hall Meeting On Media Transparency

We plan to share and discuss proposed transparency activities for the next year, discuss in detail the Transparency Principles of Conduct and also discuss the ANA’s Ebiquity and MSA reports. This is a members-only event.