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October 3, 2019| Insights from 4A’s Research | Sonic Branding Comes in With a Ping Sonic branding uses audio cues to reinforce brand identity. Learn about the most memorable sonic brands and best practices to create a winning audio logo for your client.View Article
October 2, 2019| The 4A’s at Advertising Week New York 2019 Introduction Over four days, with more than 1,200 sessions and nearly 100,000 attendees, the 15th annual Advertising Week New York presented a comprehensive, multifaceted look at the advertising industry in...View Article
September 24, 2019| | JPC: Commercial Announcements Agreement extended The American Federation of Musicians (AFofM) and the Joint Policy Committee (JPC), LLC, have agreed to extend the Commercial Announcements Agreement, until 11:59 p.m. March 31, 2020. Details of the...View Article
September 25, 2019| 4A’s to Launch Webinar Series on Project Management Software Platforms Session 1 Begins October 8 The 4A’s is launching a speakers’ webinar series featuring project management software platforms, sponsored by the members of the 4A’s Project Management Committee. The series...View Article
September 24, 2019| Member Bulletin: 4A’s and Google Releases Research on Impact of Video Ads Video ads are a crucial tool for engagement throughout the customer journey—not just at the beginning, but at every stage. That’s one finding of new research from the 4A’s and...View Article
September 25, 2019| 3MS, MRC Develop Cross-Media Measurement Standards As the culmination of the Making Measurement Make Sense (3MS) initiative, the 4A’s—in cooperation with the Media Rating Council (MRC), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), and Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB)—this...View Article
September 16, 2019| 4A’s Introduces Privacy Central Wiki Dear 4A’s friend, As you likely know, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) will take effect on January 1, 2020. It comes on the heels of the General Data Protection...View Article
September 4, 2019| | Member Bulletin: 4A’s Releases The Transformation Imperative for Agencies in the Quantum Age The 4A’s has released The Transformation Imperative for Agencies in the Quantum Age, exclusive to 4A’s member agencies, to support agencies making the crucial decisions, commitments, and changes to transform.View Article
August 20, 2019| 2019 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report – Order Form The 4A’s has released updated hourly labor billing rate information, revealing that 2016 labor billing rates in the advertising industry in are generally higher than those in 2014. The findings...View Article
August 16, 2019| 4A’s Foundation Releases Face of Talent 2019 Highlights   The 4A’s Foundation is proud to present highlights of the 2019 Face of Talent (FoT), supporting and honoring the 235 fellows of this year’s Multicultural Advertising Intern Program (maip)....View Article
August 7, 2019| To Fight Fraud in OTT, 4A’s Is Creating a Playbook for Media Buyers Emergent threat looms over popular connected TV Published in Adweek, August 7, 2019 The American Association of Advertising Agencies is poised to launch an anti-fraud playbook to help media buyers...View Article
August 5, 2019| The 5 Things You Can Do Right Now to Protect Your Brand—and Your... Originally published in MediaVillage, August 5, 2019 by Louis Jones, 4A’s Burglary, phishing, identity theft: as you confront these everyday criminal activities, your safety may depend on having the full support...View Article
July 31, 2019| $8.8 Million Dividend to be Paid to 4A’s Workers’ Compensation Program Policyholders   2018 was another great year for the 4A’s Workers’ Compensation Program, with covered payroll remaining steady at $10.5 billion, and insured employees of 151,000. The 4A’s Captive continues its...View Article
July 30, 2019| 4A’s Annual Employee Compensation Survey The 4A’s is pleased to release the 2019 update to our annual Employee Compensation Survey (also known as the 4A’s Salary Survey). We have included two new titles to this...View Article
July 24, 2019| 4A’s Releases Report: “The Quantum Age of Marketing” 4A’s Releases Report on Adapting Your Business to Change for Today and Tomorrow   The 4A’s today releases The Quantum Age of Marketing: How to Future-Make Yourself and Your Business...View Article