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January 17, 2020| | Agency search consultants provide “One Piece of Advice” for agencies (2020) The 4A’s asked industry-leading agency search consultants to provide “One Piece of Advice” that we could share with 4A's members as they begin thinking about their 2020 new business plans.View Article
January 17, 2020| Statement from the 4A’s and ANA responding to Google’s announcement regarding third-party cookies Google’s decision to block third-party cookies in Chrome could have major competitive impacts for digital businesses, consumer services, and technological innovation. It would threaten to substantially disrupt much of the...View Article
January 10, 2020| The 4A’s 2019 Year in Review Look back at 2019…and look ahead at 2020   Dear 4A’s Members, In the Quantum Age of Marketing, the 4A’s continues to vocally champion and vehemently support the value you...View Article
January 2, 2020| | 2019 Employee Compensation report completed Includes salary data from agencies of all sizes The 2019 Employee Compensation final report, showing salaries as of May 2019, has just been published. The study includes salary data from...View Article
December 18, 2019| 4A’s APB releases Brand Safety Playbook OTT/CTV guidance The 4A’s Advertiser Protection Bureau (APB) is pleased to introduce Brand Safety for OTT/CTV: An Addendum to the 4A’s Brand Safety Playbook, a supplement to the 2019 Brand Safety Playbook...View Article
December 19, 2019| | Mid-Sized Media Agencies Fall Summit 2019: recap and resources This content is reserved for 4A’s members only. Please log in to view this content.View Article
December 3, 2019| Privacy for America Releases Detailed Policy Framework to Provide Strong Data Privacy Protections... Comprehensive New Approach Modernizes Current “Notice and Choice Model” Washington, D.C., December 3, 2019 – Privacy for America, a coalition of top trade organizations and companies representing a broad cross-section...View Article
November 18, 2019| The 4A’s and The 614 Group Release Report: The Future of Programmatic and... Comprehensive research finds agencies, publishers, marketers and technology companies want automated workflow and smarter use of better data   New York, NY (November 14, 2019) — The 4A’s and The...View Article
October 17, 2019| 4A’s Announces Winners in 23rd Annual Jay Chiat Awards for Strategic Excellence McCann Takes Top Honors: Grand Prix, Agency of the Year, and Network of the Year   NEW YORK, October 17, 2019—McCann swept the top three honors of 2019 Jay Chiat...View Article
October 17, 2019| 4A’s Marla Kaplowitz, Forrester to Present at New England Council Meeting on November... 4A’s President & CEO Marla Kaplowitz will present the 4A’s report The Quantum Age of Marketing: How to Future-Make Yourself and Your Business In An Era of Rapid Change, at...View Article
October 8, 2019| | 4A’s Releases 2019 New Business Activity and Resources Survey Report The 4A’s 2019 New Business Activity and Resources Survey Report provides members with relevant new business-related benchmarks and information, in aggregate and broken down into four categories by agency size...View Article
October 3, 2019| Insights from 4A’s Research | Sonic Branding Comes in With a Ping Sonic branding uses audio cues to reinforce brand identity. Learn about the most memorable sonic brands and best practices to create a winning audio logo for your client.View Article
October 2, 2019| The 4A’s at Advertising Week New York 2019 Introduction Over four days, with more than 1,200 sessions and nearly 100,000 attendees, the 15th annual Advertising Week New York presented a comprehensive, multifaceted look at the advertising industry in...View Article
September 24, 2019| | JPC: Commercial Announcements Agreement extended The American Federation of Musicians (AFofM) and the Joint Policy Committee (JPC), LLC, have agreed to extend the Commercial Announcements Agreement, until 11:59 p.m. March 31, 2020. Details of the...View Article
September 25, 2019| 4A’s to Launch Webinar Series on Project Management Software Platforms Session 1 Begins October 8 The 4A’s is launching a speakers’ webinar series featuring project management software platforms, sponsored by the members of the 4A’s Project Management Committee. The series...View Article