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April 8-10, 2018

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Offering best-in-class, on-demand online learning and web-based certification programs, in-person training and customizable workshops.

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Introducing 4A’s Enlightened Workplace Certification®

The 4A’s is launching a unique, far-ranging program aimed at creating safe work environments that eliminate behaviors of discrimination, harassment, bullying, intimidation and retaliation. The program, called Enlightened Workplace Certification®, recognizes that the advertising industry, and the agency workforce, is not immune to the bigotry, racism, sexism and misogyny in the headlines today.

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Featured Learning Opportunities

‘Improv’ Your Skills with the Upright Citizens Brigade

Five new workshops to help your agency with team building, brainstorming, storytelling and more.

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Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies

Boost your performance in the advertising industry.

Session in Chicago from April 5th to June 4th (Deadline March 26th).

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Industry and Agency Advocacy

The 4A’s works to elevate member agencies and the advertising industry in general.


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Rally the troops

When being the company know-it-all is a good thing.


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