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July 25, 2018| An Open Letter from the Digital Advertising Community Apple recently announced a new set of changes to the default settings for its Safari browser that will further damage the consumer experience online and undercut the economic model that...View Article
July 16, 2018| | California Passes Nation’s Strictest Privacy Law Following in the wake of the recent GDPR compliance deadline, California has now passed the nation’s strictest privacy law. On June 28th the California Legislature passed AB 375, or the...View Article
June 28, 2018| | 4A’s Cannes Report 2018 The 4A’s Cannes Lions 2018 post-event report offers highlights and key takeaways from sessions on many of the topics our members care about most.View Article
June 26, 2018| 4A’s Accepts the Agency Award at This Year’s AEF Honors Night On Monday, June 11, Marla Kaplowitz, 4A’s president and CEO, accepted the Agency Award for 4A’s at the ANA Educational Foundation’s 18th annual Honors Night, recognizing exceptional organizations and individual for their...View Article
June 25, 2018| | Special Offer for 4A’s Members: WeWork Discount The 4A's is excited to offer you up to 20% discount at select WeWork locations.View Article