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April 3, 2020| The Drum: 4A’s Kaplowitz on how it’s supporting agency members “We are giving people very prescriptive information on what they need to do and what they need to know, and we’ll do consultations with anyone who needs more details.” Marla...View Article
April 3, 2020| SBA issues regulations to answer borrower questions around small business loans Today, the Small Business Administration (SBA) issued its interim final rule implementing sections 1102-1106 of the CARES Act, specifically the sections covering small business loans and loan forgiveness.  The interim...View Article
April 2, 2020| Join our webinar Business as Unusual: Going, Going, Gone Virtual—New Business Now With the understanding that every agency is experiencing different levels of new business activity during this coronavirus crisis, the one thing that’s undeniably true is that the way pitching is...View Article
March 26, 2020| CARES Act Economic Stimulus Plan: What Does It Mean For Agency Relief? On Wednesday, March 25, the U.S. Senate passed the $2 trillion Coronavirus Aid, Relief, And Economic Security (CARES) Act, the largest federal response to a disaster in U.S. history. The...View Article
March 24, 2020| | Government Relations Spotlight: Maryland Legislature passes nation’s first digital advertising tax The Maryland Legislature has passed the nation’s first digital advertising tax.View Article
March 19, 2020| 4A’s Marla Kaplowitz in Campaign US: How the coronavirus is calling our industry... Originally published and posted on Campaign US, March 19, 2020 By Marla Kaplowitz, President & CEO, 4A’s The coronavirus has, and will continue to restructure how we feel safe, how we...View Article
March 11, 2020| 4A’s Brings On New Team To Handle Marketing and Communications Industry Veteran Donna Tobin and Jennifer Risi’s The Sway Effect Tapped to Lead Efforts to Strengthen the Organization’s MarComms   NEW YORK, March 11, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — In an effort to build additional...View Article
February 5, 2020| Campaign US: 4A’s talks value to members in annual dues email Originally published and posted on Campaign US, February 7, 2019 By Lindsay Stein, U.S. Editor, Campaign Earlier this week, the 4A’s sent an email to members about annual dues and what...View Article
February 3, 2020| Brian Nienhaus joins 4A’s as SVP–Member Engagement + Development, Central Region Former CEO of We Are Unlimited in Chicago and Velocity in New York City   The 4A’s is pleased to announce that Brian Nienhaus has joined the Member Engagement +...View Article
January 30, 2020| Touchdown! 4A’s member agencies score big for brands in Super Bowl LIV Autos, insurance, snack foods, soft drinks, software—for a few hours on Super Bowl Sunday this year, 4A’s member agencies cover a wide range of American life. It’s a selection of...View Article
January 21, 2020| Engineering trust: The 4A’s reports on the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show 2020 feels very much like a year of recalibration for the tech-driven future. The news is everywhere about public attitudes towards the commercial use of personal data, the manipulation of...View Article
January 17, 2020| | Agency search consultants provide “One Piece of Advice” for agencies (2020) The 4A’s asked industry-leading agency search consultants to provide “One Piece of Advice” that we could share with 4A's members as they begin thinking about their 2020 new business plans.View Article
January 17, 2020| Statement from the 4A’s and ANA responding to Google’s announcement regarding third-party cookies Google’s decision to block third-party cookies in Chrome could have major competitive impacts for digital businesses, consumer services, and technological innovation. It would threaten to substantially disrupt much of the...View Article
January 10, 2020| The 4A’s 2019 Year in Review Look back at 2019…and look ahead at 2020   Dear 4A’s Members, In the Quantum Age of Marketing, the 4A’s continues to vocally champion and vehemently support the value you...View Article
January 2, 2020| | 2019 Employee Compensation report completed Includes salary data from agencies of all sizes The 2019 Employee Compensation final report, showing salaries as of May 2019, has just been published. The study includes salary data from...View Article