Wunderman's Z Academy Searches the Globe for the Marketer of the Year 2021

wundermanNo, that’s not a typo.

Wunderman is getting a head start on looking for who’ll be the best of the best 10 years from now. As part of Z Academy, Wunderman’s innovative international learning program for digital and design students, Wunderman is giving two teams of young future marketing students the chance of a lifetimea trip to the prestigious Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival.

Not once, but twice.

Maybe you’ve just started out in advertising. Maybe you’re not even in the door yet. Either way, you have stars in your eyes and are driven to pursue a great career in the ad game. One day you could be named Marketer of the Year.

Imagine it is the year 2021, and you’ve just been named Marketer of the Year. Everyone will be asking, “What did you do to receive such an honor?”

Tell us. It can be in any format you want—an acceptance speech, your 2021 bio, a news report, a video reel, a portfolio of your future work, your obituary!—whatever you feel it takes to tell us the story of your next 10 years of success.

Did you create a new industry, a new product, a new communication channel? Or revive an old one? What was the main thing you did that caused the 2021 marketing world to have no doubt that you deserved the trophy more than any of your peers? And what wisdom or advice would you offer the next generation of marketers?

“We are interested in seeing how they will use the media channels in ways we haven’t seen. By virtue of the presentations, we will have it in their words,” said Matt Batten, Creative Director, Wunderman Sydney.

Download a copy of the Brief and registration form here: 2021 Brief.

“I believe when as an industry we commit to programs that reinforce the creativity that people bring to our business—especially those at the beginning stage of their careers-we improve as a whole,” said Wunderman Chairman and CEO Daniel Morel.

Be creative
Use all the digital marketing and innovative resources and tools you have available to you. Wunderman creative directors and executives from around the world will judge the entries to find the strongest vision of the future.

Two winning teams will be flown to the Cannes Lions International Advertising Festival to attend the Wunderman Global Creative Meeting on June 21, 2011.

And again in 2021
No matter where you might be, Wunderman will fly you to Cannes again in ten years’ time for you to tell us about your amazing career. Perhaps by then, you will actually be the 2021 Marketer of the Year.

Zeds get ahead
Z Academy is Wunderman’s international learning program for tech-savvy digital and design students. Since its launch, Wunderman has selected only schools that meet its criteria in collaboration, digital and design skills, and commitment to innovative learning models. In 2011, a total of nine schools from the U.S., U.K. and Singapore participate in the program.

About Wunderman
Wunderman is the world leader in delivering clients creativity and innovation. We help brands find the right customers and facilitate consumers connecting with the right brands. Ad Age describes us this way: “Wunderman is among the best in the business a hot shop that delivered some of the best work of the year.” Our expertise in actionable data, analytics, insights and innovation is matched by our imagination. The result: Wunderman builds their brands, sales and business value. Wunderman is a part of Young & Rubicam Brands, a subsidiary of WPP. For more information, visit www.wunderman.com.

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