Wildfire Launches Innovative Marketing-to-Women Group

Fired Up About Factor 9

wildfireWildfire, a Winston-Salem-based communications firm, today announced the launch of a one-of-a-kind marketing group, Factor 9.

The new group’s name derives from the finding that women, on average, weigh nine factors when making purchasing decisions. In comparison, men consider an average of three factors when deciding what to buy.

The nine factors that women take into account are introduced on Wildfire’s website. Along with four other factors, women consider the brand, fit, value, design, and the inspiration of products before making a purchasing decision.

The three factors that men generally consider are brand, fit and value.

“Ensuring your brand appeals to women doesn’t mean you have to draw a line in the sand between the guys and girls,” says Wildfire’s Janie Curtis, the leader of Factor 9. “What it does mean is that you can tailor your appeal to women and also capture men, but not necessarily vice versa.”

Although Factor 9 isn’t the first to offer guidance on how to specifically market to women, Wildfire’s Factor 9 is unique in that it offers clients speedy, cost-effective solutions for understanding the factors women consider in relation to their client’s market segment—and how to capitalize on those factors to make their brands more relevant than their rivals. The group’s signature high-energy “Zing Sessions” are just one tool employed to ensure that clients come away with ground-breaking, sound ideas. Factor 9 Audits are more intensive interventions, and Gender Differences are hard-hitting, half-day sessions to help clients find more effective ways to connect with consumers.

“We believe that innovative, effective ideas don’t have to take six months and a huge investment,” says Curtis. “We want to get our clients in touch with their female consumers—and do it fast.”

Janie Curtis helms the group that also includes marketing-to-women pros Tory White, Michelle Hundley and Karen Barnes. Cumulatively they have more than 30 years’ marketing-to-women expertise across industries that include healthcare, alcoholic beverages, hospitality, packaged goods, retail and fashion.

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