Millions of Travelers Set to Descend on New York for the Holidays; Avoid the Crowds and Claustrophobia — Visit

Philly Ad Agency Neiman Launches New Tool to Help Holiday Visitors Avoid Long Lines and Frazzled Nerves at 20 Top NYC Attractions

New York City’s holiday season officially begins tonight with the lighting of the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree. Millions of holiday travelers are about to descend on Manhattan.

No place is more magical than New York during the holidays. But that magical trip can become a frustrating hassle if you’re constantly fighting the crowds.

This holiday season, tourists have a new tool to help them— Created by the same team of brand-conversation thinkers and creative developers who brought you, Go Crowdless aggregates Foursquare “check-in” data at 20 of New York’s most popular holiday attractions, to help travelers predict when crowds are likely to be smallest—and the busiest hours to avoid.

“Every day, millions of people are ‘checking in’ using the Foursquare app on their smartphones,” said George Ward, VP of Innovation and Director of Neiman Labs, Neiman’s in-house R&D unit. “For most, Foursquare is just a fun way to let their friends know what they’re up to. But by developing a system that allows us to aggregate and sort that check-in data, we have turned their fun check-ins into a powerful tourist resource. Foursquare data is not a perfect proxy for the overall population. But it’s a helpful snapshot. By simply visiting before planning their day, visitors to New York can make a more informed judgment on when to avoid the worst ice skating crowds at Rockefeller Center or the best time to visit Santa at Macy’s.”

Data aggregation on began on Black Friday. At today’s launch, the site has just one week of data. “As we move into December and collect more and more data, the more accurate and more useful will become,” Ward said.

“GoCrowdless is our holiday gift to New York City travelers, from the curious thinkers at Neiman Labs,” said Neiman CEO Tim Reeves. “It’s unusual for an agency our size to have an R&D unit. But Neiman Labs is a great investment. It’s an outlet for our creative thinkers. And it’s our opportunity to create and experiment today with the brand-conversation strategies and technologies that our clients will need tomorrow.”

About Neiman and Neiman Labs
Neiman is a brand-conversation agency with offices in Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. Neiman clients include Capital BlueCross, Dietz & Watson, the National Constitution Center, Sunoco and Trex. is the sixth project from Neiman Labs, the R&D unit at Neiman. This summer, Neiman Labs launched—a website ranking Philadelphia’s cheesesteak joints. It was Neiman Labs first foray into Foursquare data aggregation. shows which spots are tourist destinations and which are secret local favorites-a potentially powerful tool for tourism and destination marketers. “Every city needs something like this,” tweeted the co-founder of Foursquare after SteakOut launched. Other Neiman Labs projects include Social Sweets, a social media experiment that provided branded chocolate bars to Philadelphians in exchange for a Facebook ‘thank you’—each resulting in a donation to a local food bank; the Neiman Globe, a glass office transformed into a holiday human snow globe with live access to Neiman’s social network via Facebook; an iPad app designed specifically for consumer intercepts that allows for quick and easy data compilation and Phever, the first-ever live, minute-to-minute social-media record of Phillies games, powered by Phillies fans.

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