Confidential Study of Compensation in Member Agencies Now Available

2015 Total Compensation: Highest-Paid Individuals In 94 Agencies With Annual Gross Income Up To $75 Million


This confidential study compares the overall compensation of the highest-paid individuals in 94 4A’s member agencies with annual gross income up to $75 million.

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An updated survey comparing the base salaries, bonuses, deferred compensation, and total compensation for the highest-paid individuals in 94 member agencies with annual gross income up to $75 million has been completed. Agencies with gross income up to $2.25 million reported data on their three highest-paid individuals; agencies with gross income in excess of $2.25 million reported data on their five highest-paid individuals.

Information is broken down into seven gross income groups so that participating agencies can compare their figures with other agencies of comparable size.

Also shown are:

  • Highest and lowest overall compensation reported by a single agency for each of three or five categories.
  • Overall Average and overall mid-point compensation for each category reported by all agencies in the group and the percentage relationship of the average compensation for each category to the average compensation of the highest-paid individual.
  • Highest and lowest base salary reported by a single agency for each of three or five categories.

To obtain a copy

Note: Distribution of this report is limited to senior agency management only, ie. CEOS, CFOs and HR Directors.

If your agency participated in the study, your complimentary copy was emailed to your agency.

Non-participating agencies may purchase the report for $250. Complete the attached form and email or fax it to Helen Y. Miranda (email: [email protected] or fax: 212-682-8391) of the Management Services Division at 4A’s Headquarters.

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