2019 Labor Billing Rate Survey Report – Order Form

The 4A’s 2019 Labor Billing Rate Report contains statistically sound labor rate information which provides the agency and advertiser communities with a mechanism for discussing and benchmarking market-based labor rate ranges. The information contained in this report can help the industry move away from unproductive conversations about overhead rates and profit margins to a more practical discussion of billing rates. This information affords the industry the opportunity to efficiently and equitably frame labor rates which will in turn allow the parties to focus on the critical tasks of aligning: scope of deliverables, service expectations and the desired scope of benefits.


Find 4A’s guidance on market-based labor rates HERE.


The results of the new Labor Billing Rate Survey reflect hourly rates billed by 312 agency offices reporting on 111 positions within 16 service departments encompassing over 26,000 billing rate data inputs.

Due to the sensitive nature of the data, this report is not directly available online.  To obtain your copy, download the order form below.

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