In an attempt to balance the desire to share critical information about industry pressing topics that require your attention (while also recognizing that your time is limited), the 4A’s will begin rolling out a series of short-length videos for our members. These video vignettes will run between 10 to 20 minutes long and will cover a specific topic in an interview-style format with a subject matter expert.

Our intent is that these videos will provide a brief introduction to relevant topics that can be accessed by you at any time. In addition to these topic-specific vignettes, should it be determined that there is a greater need to expand on any of these topics, the 4A’s BI&I team will subsequently develop virtual meetings and/or webinars to delve further into them.

Vaccine Mandates – Video Vignette |

Many of our member agencies have returned to the office.  Many have not but do expect to slowly migrate back to the office as the general population gets vaccinated in the wake of the COV-19 pandemic.  However, It could be months before we achieve herd immunity but in the interim many agencies are faced with […]

States’ Digital Advertising Tax Initiatives: An Overview With Alison Pepper and Sal Conte Of The 4A’s – Video Vignette |

This video, produced on February 11, 2021, provides a discussion on current states’ digital tax initiatives that may have an impact on agencies, and how agencies should begin to prepare for them. Please feel free to contact either Alison Pepper, 4A’s, EVP – Government Relations, or Sal Conte, 4A’s, VP – Business Intelligence & Insight […]