4A’s Submits Comments on Upcoming FTC Privacy Hearing

4A’s recently submitted comments on the FTC’s upcoming February hearing on Competition and Consumer Protection in the 21st Century.

4A’s joined the ANA, IAB, AAF, and others to provide comments on what’s being deemed a “new paradigm” that would structure a privacy framework for the 21st century centered around the guiding principle of reasonableness.

This new reasonableness standard would incorporate various approaches, including consumer harm and benefits and the objective expectation of a reasonable consumer, as well as the existing relevant management and risk mitigation practices of businesses.

Along with our industry allies, 4A’s cautions the FTC that a one-size-fits-all privacy policy would be detrimental to the continued growth of this robust industry, and that precedent exists for a reasonableness standard in federal consumer protection law.

The full comments are available here.