4A’s Survey – Analysis of Agency Costs Survey Report


The Analysis of Agency Costs Survey Report, showing operating cost and income figures of member agencies for 2019 agency data, is now available. The results of the report are presented in two parts: one is for agencies with gross income up to $13.5 million and the second is for agencies with gross income of more than $13.5 million.

The results of this survey are copyrighted by the 4A’s under the Federal Copyright Act, and the 4A’s reserves all rights to its use. It is solely for the use of senior management of 4A’s members. The contents of these survey results are not to be shown to advertisers, consultants or the media.

Reproduction of any part of these survey results in violation of the 4A’s copyright will make the responsible individual or individuals subject to fines and other Federal penalties.

Member agencies that did not participate in the study may purchase the report for their size group for a limited time at a reduced cost of $300 per report (normally priced at $500).

NOTE: The Analysis is distributed without recommendation or suggestion of any kind regarding what costs any particular agency should or might consider appropriate for its operations.

For more information about the 4A’s 2020 Analysis of Agency Costs Survey Report, send email to: [email protected].


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