4A's Surveys and Reports

The 4A’s conducts a number of surveys year-round and compiles the data into reports for members to access and use.  See our surveys and reports below.

The 4A’s strives to support your business and operational requirements, and to identify opportunities to reinforce the dynamics of a strong agency/marketer relationship. One way we deliver this is through the creation, design, and development of benchmarking studies to provide invaluable insight and data.

In 2020, we’ve incorporated your feedback to identify eighteen surveys across multiple areas. A complete list of our 2020 Surveys is provided below. As always, we cannot deliver this extensive list of surveys without your partnership and individual participation. We are also addressing an opportunity to change the way we disseminate and provide access to the survey data. Based on your feedback, we’re also creating a more dynamic, user-friendly format, allowing for easier use of the data.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in sharing data to ensure the surveys are substantive, informative, and, most importantly, timely.

Surveys and Member Information Exchanges (MIEs)

Major-Market Surveys

Name:Practice Area:Month (2020):Completion Status:
Employee Benefits OverviewHuman ResourcesMarchCompleted
 Analysis of Agency Costs Finance June Completed
 Employee Compensation (Salary) Human Resources November Completed
 Management Benchmarks Finance December In-Market


Major-Market Surveys (New for 2020)

Name:Practice Area:Month (2020):Completion Status:
Diversity SurveyHuman ResourcesSeptemberCompleted
 Return to Office Agency Mgt. September Completed
 Agency GrowthAgency Mgt. September Completed
 Organizational Design Agency Mgt. October In-Market


Member Information Exchanges (MIEs)*

Name:Practice Area:Month (2020):Completion Status:
 Outsourced ServicesAgency Mgt. January Completed
Project Management Software Platforms/Tools Project Management March Completed
MSA/Annual SOWs – Carryover Billing Practices Finance April Completed
Coronavirus Business Impact Agency Mgt. May Completed
Covid-19 Agency Practices Human Resources May Completed
Internet Reimbursement Finance July Completed
Agency Employee Morale New Business September Completed
Project Management Breakout Topics Project Management October Completed
Client Chargebacks: DAM Software Finance October Completed

* MIEs are quick-turnaround surveys/polls that are typically initiated at the request of 4A’s members on topics of interest. Each MIE consists of a limited number of questions and are designed to provide a response to members within a 2-week period.

Member Information Exchanges (MIEs)*

Outsourced Services This MIE gathered information about the prevalence of outsourcing various agency functions/services that included HR, Recruiting, and IT. For more information about this Member Information Exchange, please contact Sal Conte at [email protected] Project Management Software Platforms/Tools This 4A’s MIE collected information about various Project Management software platforms and tools used by 4A’s members. For more information about this Member Information Exchange, please contact Sal […]

Organizational Design Survey (Currently In-Market)

Management Services

Considering the changing landscape of our industry in the face of the global pandemic, 4A’s gathered information to aid in understanding the current state, as well as the expectations, of the ever changing organizational design structure of our member agencies.  We have crafted this survey on Organizational Design in order to gain insights that will […]

Advertising Industry Diversity Survey

Management Services

The inaugural 4A’s Advertising Industry Diversity Survey explores diversity representation across the advertising industry in the United States. As employees, clients, and the public increasingly demand that the organizations they work for or do business with model values of equity and inclusion, organizations need to invest in robust and sustainable programs to drive meaningful change. […]

Management Benchmarks and Financial Barometers Survey (Currently In-Market)

Management Services

The 4As Management Benchmarks & Financial Barometers Survey was developed to provide agency management with key financial benchmarks relevant to advertising agencies. The survey questionnaire includes 17 questions in 5 key sections: Labor Hours and Staff Utilization Gross Income per Employee Balance Sheet Ratios Agency Compensation Methodologies: Project-Based Client Assignments and AOR / Retainer-Based Client […]

Survey Highlights

Management Services

The 2020 survey revealed some very interesting trends in regards to overall benefits where the more personal and softer benefits are on the rise and the traditional health and medical benefits have remained at their traditionally high levels. Some interesting highlights in the family-friendly benefits category show Domestic Partnership benefits increasing to an all-time high […]

4A’s 2020 Employee Benefits Overview Survey

Management Services

The 4A’s 2020 Employee Benefits Overview Survey Report provides a comprehensive overview of the kinds of employee benefits offered in 4A’s agencies. The survey covered 124 benefits in 7 categories including family-friendly benefits, housing, health care, training/education/personal services, financial and income security, business travel, and recognition. The results of this survey will aid agency managers […]

2020 Diversity Survey

Includes Diversity Data for all Agency Sizes & Geographies The 2020 Diversity Survey final report, showing diversity data for 2018 and 2019, has just been published. The report includes data from agencies of all sizes and reflects responses from 165-member agency offices representing over 40,000 employees at all levels and across all job functions. The […]