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Five Ways to Improve Your Christmas Campaign Planning With Facebook and Instagram |

Third Party Content

This insights piece from Facebook IQ focuses on Christmas shopping in the UK and includes advice for marketers.

Rich Media Showcase |

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This interactive tool from Google provides innovative digital ad campaigns that will inspire your next campaign. Data is updated on a monthly basis and can be filtered by country, industry vertical, ad size, and ad format.

Video Benchmarks

4A's Member

Extreme Reach provides a comprehensive report on the latest performance metrics for video ads.

Why a Multi-Platform Digital Marketing Strategy is a Must |

Third Party Content

In this article, Centro talks about the importance of digital multi-platform strategies. Discover what it is, how it works, and the need for goal setting prior to campaign launch.

What Travel Marketers Should Know About People Searching for Experiences |

Third Party Content

Think with Google partnered with Greenberg Inc. to better understand the tours and activities traveler in the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. Find out how travelers search for experiences, differences between planners vs. in-destination bookers, and the growth of travelers searching for activities near home.

5 Ways to Level Up Your Media Strategy for Global Sporting Events |

Third Party Content

The 2020 Summer Multisport Games are one of the most popular sporting events around the globe. Facebook IQ provides five tips to help brands tap into this massive audience.

Bending the Curve: TV + Digital Video |

Third Party Content

FreeWheel reveals how advertisers can combine TV and digital video to most effectively reach audiences in this guide.

Why Mobile Gaming Is the Future of Leisure Time |

Third Party Content

Think with Google explores the current state of today’s gamers in this global report.

When It Comes to Video Ad Creative, How Much Should You Customize? |

Third Party Content

Think with Google shares their findings on how video ad customization drives brand impact.

The 5 Minute Guide to Mastering Audiences on Twitter |

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In this blog post on Twitter, Brandwatch Audiences shares how to tweet effectively with this guide focusing on your fans, your target audience, and the unknown.

Prepare for the Unexpected: A Guide to Testing and Learning with Incrementality Measurement |

Third Party Content

Facebook has created a guidebook on incrementality measurement, what can go wrong during marketing experimentation, and what you can do to overcome them.

Data-Driven Merchandising: Moving From an Art to a Science to Reach Today’s Shopper |

Third Party Content

Think with Google gives advice to retailers on how to leverage constantly evolving shopping behavior. In this paper, you will learn strategies revolving around the use of data, seasonal approaches, local insights, and inventory control.