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The Future of Voice

comScore shares voice technology usage trends in smart phones, speakers, and home products.

Mirroring the Consumer Experience: The key to better advertising

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Considering that U.S. adults now spend nearly half their day consuming media, the lines between humans and their digital extremities are blurring more and more. So, as new opportunities – new devices, inventory, channels, and formats – emerge for advertisers, it is crucial for brands to rethink how they’re keeping up with their exceedingly connected audiences. In this piece, the Trade Desk’s Kathleen Comer suggests a new approach to consumer engagement.

Millennials on Pinterest

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Pinterest and Deep Focus Intelligence Group profile Millennial Pinterest users and surveyed them about their attitudes towards lifestyle and shopping.

Holiday shoppers are in the driver’s seat now—here’s what they’re looking for

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Google’s Head of Shopping, B2B Marketing, Emily Eberhard looks at how consumers, armed with mobile devices, are now researching to find the best deals of the season before, during, and after Black Friday, and hatching a game plan to determine what, where, and when to buy.

Four Principles for Building a Super Bowl Campaign Without a TV Ad

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Think with Google outlines four principles brands should follow to build a successful online-only Super Bowl campaign.

Holiday Shoppers Want More Help in a Hurry—Here’s How to Succeed This Season

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To respond to growing consumer expectations this shopping season, Think with Google shares three insights to incorporate into your holiday strategy.

Blurred Lines: The Shift in Media Buying

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The Trade Desk’s VP of Client Services, Kathleen Comer, offers insight on the one major opportunity many media buyers are still missing in their embrace of emerging technologies: the increased effectiveness of a truly holistic media buying approach. By adopting a screen and channel-agnostic approach, buyers can better coordinate messaging and combine cross-channel insights to drive more refined targeting, greater efficiency, and better results. As connected TVs continue to proliferate, media buyers are gaining greater insight into their target audience, along with the unprecedented ability to use data-driven marketing on the big screen. All that’s left for buyers to do is to capitalize on these changes.

What the Auto Industry Needs to Know to Close the Sale After the Sale

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Learn how to drive shoppers to auto parts and service providers in this Think with Google article.

Global Mobile Report 2017

comScore’s annual report focuses on mobile consumption in 14 countries with information on mobile usage trends, categories, m-commerce, and apps.

What You Need to Know About the State of Video Ad Viewability in 2017

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Think with Google studied video ads to better understand the current state of video ad viewability around the world.

The 2017 U.S. Mobile App Report

In this annual report, comScore reveals mobile app usage and behavior across generations.

Display Benchmarks

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This interactive tool from Google helps agencies evaluate the performance of online advertising campaigns relative to industry norms. Data is updated on a monthly basis and can be filtered by country, industry vertical, ad size, and ad format.