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Monarch: An Apparent Connected TV/OTT Ad Fraud Scheme Stealing from Premium Brand and Political Ad Budgets

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Pixalate researchers find that Roku apps designed for passive viewing appear to have been targeting in a new over-the-top (OTT) content and connected TV (CTV) ad fraud scheme.

Alight Analytics Disrupts Marketing Analytics Industry with Suite of Next-Generation Solutions

4A's Partnerships

Combining the speed of self-service software with the flexibility and expertise of a custom consulting engagement, Alight’s solution approach provides a much-needed third option for marketers who want quick, yet relevant and actionable analytics. Alight Analytics has paved a new way in the world of marketing analytics with a suite of outcome-focused reporting solutions that deliver a […]

Email Marketing Trends for 2020

4A's Member

Oracle outlines the ABC’s of email marketing trends in this article series. 2020 trends are broken into three sections competitive differentiators, proven essentials, and unproven opportunities.

Why an Emotional Connection Matters in Loyalty and How to Achieve It

4A's Member

Oracle outlines the three main classifications of loyalty and focuses on how brands can leverage emotional connection to build stronger brand loyalty.

Travel Insights: How People Plan a Trip from Beginning to End |

Third Party Content

Think with Google shares what inspires people across the globe to travel, reasons why they booked a trip or why not, and how travelers continue their research following booking.

2020 Topics and Trends Report |

Third Party Content

Facebook IQ looks at emerging global trends for 2020, including acting greener and making everyday moments special.

20 Big Ideas That Will Change Your World in 2020

4A's Partnerships

LinkedIn predicts the top 20 trends for 2020 on topics including the environment, economies, and the workplace.

How to Create an Effective Video Ad for Every Stage of the Customer Journey |

Third Party Content

Think with Google studied thousands of skippable ads across 11 verticals around the world to better understand how creative elements influence brand metrics. The findings helped them develop effective guidelines when creating or adapting a YouTube ad. These guidelines are called “Attract, Brand, Connect, Direct.” See how the ABCDs of YouTube advertising can work for you.

Refashion Your Thinking About Apparel Shopping |

Third Party Content

Facebook IQ shares results of its study of over 12,000 people in nine countries to better understand how the fashion consumer journey is evolving, especially due to the impact of mobile and social media. Learn about the importance of brand values, seamless experiences, geographical nuances, and strategies for marketers.

Five Ways to Improve Your Christmas Campaign Planning With Facebook and Instagram |

Third Party Content

This insights piece from Facebook IQ focuses on Christmas shopping in the UK and includes advice for marketers.

Rich Media Showcase |

Third Party Content

This interactive tool from Google provides innovative digital ad campaigns that will inspire your next campaign. Data is updated on a monthly basis and can be filtered by country, industry vertical, ad size, and ad format.

Why a Multi-Platform Digital Marketing Strategy is a Must |

Third Party Content

In this article, Centro talks about the importance of digital multi-platform strategies. Discover what it is, how it works, and the need for goal setting prior to campaign launch.