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FreeWheel Signature Insights: Engaging the Viewer

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Are shorter ads better? How much does ad repetition annoy viewers? FreeWheel, the thought leaders that bring you the quarterly Video Monetization Report (VMR), deliver this study exploring the science and art of designing a consumer-centric video ad experience.

3 Insights That Will Help You Serve Today’s B2B Buyer

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Think with Google provides three insights marketers can use to better serve B2B buyers.

Study Reveals That Creative Asset Workflow Lags Years Behind Innovations in Media Buying and Negatively Impacts Advertisers, Agencies and Publishers

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This comprehensive report from Extreme Reach, based on research commissioned with Advertiser Perceptions™, illuminates just how cumbersome and inefficient it is for ad ops teams to find and prepare creative assets for video campaigns.

Your Guide to Building a Better Marketing Strategy for Reaching Today’s Viewers

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Download this guide from Think with Google to learn new trends in video viewing and best ways for brands to reach the right audience in this new landscape.

The Most Powerful Platform is… TV

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With the Upfronts fast approaching, TV is going through an evolution, embracing and adapting to the opportunities that digital consumption brings with it. The FreeWheel Council for Premium Video recently hosted a roundtable discussion with senior media executives on how TV is evolving to become a robust, converged platform to meet the needs of marketers. Read about the highlights and key takeaways in this post from FreeWheel’s VP of Global Agency, Brand & Industry Relations James Rothwell. 

4 Principles for Creating Video Ads that Drive Conversions

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Learn how to deliver thoughtful creative to relevant audiences for successful direct response video ad campaigns.

How Integrated Data and Technology Helped 3 Companies Transform Their Marketing

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Think with Google outlines three actions agencies and marketers can follow to deliver a better customer experience.

Video Benchmarks

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Extreme Reach provides a comprehensive report on the latest performance metrics for video ads.

Context is Key: The Premium Publisher Advantage

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When it comes to advertising, Viacom’s Director of Marketing Strategy Natalie Chan explains that it’s no longer a battle between linear and digital. Instead, it’s whether a platform can control its content.

What You Need to Know About Mobile App Users

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Think with Google examines who is using mobile apps and how they use them.

Why Your Sports Marketing Plans Should Be About More Than the Sports You See on TV

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Think with Google looks into the benefits of adding lifestyle sports — like roller derby or handball — to your marketing plans. Check out this article and learn how to expand your reach of sports fans.

The Future of Voice

comScore shares voice technology usage trends in smart phones, speakers, and home products.