Artificial Intelligence and the ‘Hive Mind’

Imagine a “Hive Mind” that amplifies the knowledge, wisdom, and intuitions of human populations, creating an “Artificial Expert” that can answer questions, make predictions, and generate insights that are far more accurate than the individuals could produce on their own. A new technology called Swarm AI is making this possible and it could be our best defense against the emerging dangers of traditional AI. That’s because unlike most approaches to AI that aim to replace people with technology, Swarm AI keeps humans in the loop, amplifying not just human intelligence, but human values, morals, creativity, and sensibilities. Louis Rosenberg, PhD is the Founder & CEO of Unanimous AI, an artificial intelligence company that develops AI systems modeled after biological swarms. He will review the biological basis for the technology, the long term implications to society, and current uses in industry.

Louis Rosenberg, CEO & Founder, Unanimous AI


Artificial Intelligence and the 'Hive Mind'