Business as Unusual: Brand Safety & News in the Age of COVID-19

4A's Business as Unusual Color 261May 5, 2020

The global pandemic and “new normal” has pushed the issues of brand safety and suitability to the forefront. The need for nuanced and reliable brand-safety and suitability protocols is greater than ever. Yet many brands, agencies, and publishers are unsure how to approach this challenging issue in the age of COVID-19.

To support the establishment of cohesive, real-time brand-suitability standards, the 4A’s President & CEO, Marla Kaplowitz, hosts this webinar featuring representatives from the buy and sell sides to discuss how to maintain brand integrity and avoid reputational harm while promoting the spread of accurate, reliable information and encouraging a healthy, beneficial environment for advertisers, publishers, and consumers.


Joe Barone Joe Barone, Managing Partner–Brand Safety Americas, GroupM
Allison Murphy Allison Murphy, SVP–Ad Innovation, The New York Times
Mike Zaneis Mike Zaneis, CEO, Trustworthy Accountability Group