Business as Unusual: Building Client Trust with Marketing Analytics

4A's Business as Unusual Color 261August 4, 2020

Discover how analytics can help your agency shore up — and even expand — client relationships despite the massive economic disruptions from COVID-19. In this session, you’ll learn how to create a long-term analytics vision for your accounts, secure client buy-in and select the right tools and processes for creating analytics products that clients can’t resist.


Matt Hertig Matt Hertig, Alight Analytics’ CEO and Co-Founder
Dawn Webley Dawn Webley, VP, Media Services & Analytics at OH Partners
Jeff Larson Jeff Larson, President at Mediassociates
Vinay Purohit Vinay Purohit, Senior Manager of Insights and Analytics at Mediassociates
Alec O'Connor Alex O’Connor, Media Analyst at OH Partners


Sponsored by:

Alight Analytics


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