Business as Unusual: Preparing For Paradoxes: The Post-Pandemic Consumer

4A's Business as Unusual Color 261
June 23, 2020

The question on the mind of many marketers is how COVID-19 is changing consumer behavior and sentiment. Will brands recognize their consumers post-pandemic? New analysis by MediaCom of the U.S. during the pandemic, and a look at countries further ahead in recovery, shows that just as we have always been a nation of paradoxes, the U.S. will lean into its differences and will resolve through a series of paradoxical behaviors: 

  1. Personal paradox: a fear of going out vs. you-only-live-once mindset
  2. Social paradox: conscious consumption vs. revenge spending
  3. Economic paradox: a rise of safe personal space vs. new ways to connect
  4. Technology paradox: nostalgia vs. digital

Join us for a discussion about what consumer brands will find after the pandemic, and how they will need to adapt and evolve to meet their needs and wants.


Jox Petiza, Associate Strategy Director, MediaCom
Anna Rosenblatt, Strategy Director, MediaCom
Mollie Rosen, EVP–Member Engagement & Development, 4A’s


Read and download MediaCom’s article Preparing for Paradox: America Post COVID-19 here