Business as Unusual: Rebuilding Client Conviction for Advertising During the Pandemic

4A's Business as Unusual Color 261May 20, 2020

Agencies are faced with the daunting challenge of convincing marketers to sustain an advertising presence despite halted consumer spending. With the exception of online grocery/eCommerce and delivery services, every category requires a strategic revision.

Building client conviction in the middle of a major national crisis will require a fundamental reassessment of the emerging consumer behaviors and purchase drivers influenced by safety, social and economic concerns of most households in the country.

This webinar is intended to help senior agency leaders with consumer insights and strategies for breakthrough client programs as brands work to sustain business continuity amidst the recession.


Seraj Bharwani  Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy Officer, AcuityAds
Matt Kasindorf  Matt Kasindorf, SVP, Business Intelligence & Insight, 4A’s
Mollie Rosen  Mollie Rosen, EVP–Member Engagement & Development, 4A’s


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