Agency Search Consultants Provide “One Piece of Advice” for Agencies (2018)

Business Development Advice from Leading Agency Search Consultants

January 2018


“One Piece of Advice”

The 4A’s asked industry-leading agency search consultants to provide “One Piece of Advice” that the association could share with members as they begin thinking about their 2018 new business plans.

The 4A’s consultant request noted, “Based on your knowledge of client marketer needs/wants and industry dynamics, what is the one thing you would recommend that an agency either do or not do that can help the effectiveness of their new business efforts? We welcome your advice in any area of the agency search and selection process (prospecting, RFI/RFP submissions, creds, chemistry, presentations, etc.).”

Search Consultant Advice

The advice shared by industry-leading agency search consultants is noted in the document below. The pieces are arranged by subject matter.


Download 4A's | One Piece of Advice