What is an EDU Membership?

Our recently revamped EDU Membership grants access to 4A’s member-only content to all students, faculty and staff at higher education institutions that:

The Benefits of EDU Membership

Take learning to the next level.

Connect to industry leaders and specialized advertising experts

Leverage complimentary and reduced pricing resources from the 4A’s Learning Academy

Access exclusive members-only publications and documents on current advertising topics and industry trends

Utilize 6 custom and customizable research databases

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Membership Requirements

The EDU membership is open to all higher education intuitions that offer undergraduate or graduate programs in advertising, marketing and communications, and represent the highest standards of academic excellence, consistent with the quality standards of the 4A’s member agencies themselves. If this describes your school or university, we look forward to receiving your completed application and annual dues in the amount of $3,250. The cost of this membership covers access to all of your faculty, students, and staff.


Once your application and membership dues are processed, a digital package will be emailed to your school contact so that your faculty, students and staff can immediately begin accessing their 4A’s resources.

Download Application

Any questions? Contact [email protected].