Engineering trust: The 4A’s reports on the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show

2020 feels very much like a year of recalibration for the tech-driven future. The news is everywhere about public attitudes towards the commercial use of personal data, the manipulation of information, and the real dangers of network and data breaches.

We still lavish attention and cash on the expectation of better experiences, convenience, and delight that the seasonal upgrade cycles bring. But the public, the press, and the government now take a more critical approach to the power these companies have—and the risks these technologies pose.

CES 2020: Engineering Trust, the 4A’s report on the Consumer Electronics Show this month, captures and explores the event’s predominant message, in presentations, sessions, and the design of gadgets, smart homes, IoT, and autonomous driving advances: “We will earn your trust.”

We hope you find our report CES 2020: Engineering Trust helpful as you and your partners plan for 2020 and beyond.


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