Facebook Community Standards Enforcement Report (5/2020)

Full report from Facebook here:


We want Facebook and Instagram to be places where people have a voice. To create conditions where everyone feels comfortable expressing themselves, we must also protect our community’s safety, privacy, dignity and authenticity. This is why we have Community Standards on Facebook and Community Guidelines on Instagram, which define what is and is not allowed in our community.


About this report

Beginning in August 2020, we are publishing our Community Standards Enforcement Report on a quarterly basis to more effectively track our progress and demonstrate our continued commitment to making Facebook and Instagram safe and inclusive.

In this August 2020 report, we share data for the April 2020 to June 2020 reporting period, detailing how we are doing at preventing and taking action on content that violates our policies. Where relevant, we also note the continuing impact of COVID-19 on our operations and metrics. The following are policy areas we report on for Facebook and Instagram: