You’re on our website — and you have questions. We’re here to help.

The Basics

Let’s start with the view from 30,000 feet.

Learn More About Our New Site

Whether you’re a new visitor or have been using the 4A’s website for years, this overview will help you understand our site and its key features.

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How Do Login Accounts Work?

You want to learn more about how your login account works, how it relates — or doesn’t relate — to 4A’s membership, etc.

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The Specifics

You’re on the ground and ready to start running.

Set Up Your "My 4A's" Page

How to set up a custom page showing the 4A’s content that matters most to you.

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Manage Email Preferences

How to subscribe or unsubscribe to emails sent to you by the 4A’s.

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Change Other Settings

How to change your name or add a second email address for account recovery.

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The Very Nitty Gritty

You’re ready for a deeper dive or need help with a very specific area or function.

Request Special Access

You need elevated access to perform certain advanced tasks.

Staff Roster / Staff Lists

The 4A’s website formerly had a feature used to update agency staff listings.

Where Did It Go?
Agency Search - Profile Updates

Each member agency can set up a profile in the 4A’s Agency Search Tool.

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Annual Dues & Member Info

As part of the annual dues process, agencies report their income to the 4A’s.

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