Agency Search Tool - Making Profile Updates

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All 4A’s members are listed in our Agency Search Tool — a publicly searchable database that can be used to learn more about our individual member agencies, their areas of specialization, major clients, etc.

When an agency completes the process of joining the 4A’s, a default profile, listing their general information, automatically becomes visible in the Agency Search Tool.

That profile can then be updated and enhanced by specially designated agency personnel. If you would like the ability to update the Agency Search Tool profile for your agency, see Request Special Access.

Note: While this tool was recently given a cosmetic update (i.e., to match the new 4A’s website’s look and feel), we are still planning a more substantial rebuild of its functionality. To this end, we invite members to provide feedback and suggestions about the capabilities they’d find most useful.

To learn more about our new site, and send us your feedback or suggestions, visit our new site’s welcome page.