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4A's Research Exclusive Content logoIn a recent survey about finding new products, recommendations from family and friends ranked as the most popular way to find new products with one third selecting this option. This response was consistent across gender, ethnicity, and income. However, only 16% of respondents age 18-24 reported finding new products this way. For 18-24 year-olds, e-commerce sites like Amazon (40%), in-store browsing (35%) and recommendations on social media (30%) were the most popular discovery methods.

Chart ranking the top ways consumers discover new products
Participant parameters: 18+, 500 participants. Conducted by 4A’s Research via Suzy on 4/2/2021


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Insights + Reports

2021 Back-to-School Survey

Deloitte examines consumer behaviors and preferences during the back-to-school and back-to-college shopping season.

2021 Deloitte Millennial and Gen Z Survey

Deloitte released its annual global Millennial and Gen Z survey highlighting general attitudes, workplace behaviors, and impact of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Gain insight into luxury and affluent consumers in this infographic series from Mintel. Travel, financial services, beauty, shopping behaviors, and media habits are covered.

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Piper Sandler releases its semi-annual report featuring teen shopping behaviors, spending patterns, and favorite brands in a variety of industries.

Consumer Snapshots by Industry

4A’s Research periodically releases one-question surveys to gauge consumer attitudes, preferences, behaviors, and more on a variety of topics. 

BrandSpark Most Trusted Awards

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Digital 2021: Global Digital Overview |

Check out Datareportal, We Are Social, and Hootsuite’s global report chock full of statistics on Internet, social media, and mobile usage and behaviors. 

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2021 |

Euromonitor has released its top ten global consumer trends for 2021.

Global 500 2021 |

Brand Finance determines the 500 most valuable and strongest brands in the world. Rankings by industry and country are available.

Consumer Trends 2021

The start of a new year brings reflection on the past and a look towards the future, making it just the right time for 4A’s Research to predict what trends will emerge and have longevity into 2021.

Media Trends & Predictions 2021

Kantar discusses media and digital predictions for 2021.

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The Ford Motor Company explores societal shifts expected to influence consumers, brands, and the transportation business in the year ahead.

24 Big Ideas That Will Change Our World in 2021

LinkedIn predicts the top 24 trends on topics including technologies, entertainment, education, and the workplace.

2021 Topics and Trends Report

Facebook IQ looks at emerging global trends for 2020, including acting greener and making everyday moments special.

Global Powers of Luxury Goods 2020 |

See who made the list of the top 100 luxury goods companies by sales, as well as COVID-19’s impact on luxury goods, in this global report from Deloitte.

Mobile-ization of Grocery Shopping

Acosta examines how and why consumers use mobile devices and digital tools for grocery shopping.

COVID-19: Impact on CPG and Retail

IRi provides an overview on what’s happening across key markets and implications and guidance for CPG manufacturers and retailers to support consumers during the crisis.

How Local SEO Can Improve Your Rankings in Local Searches

Vladimir Jones outlines steps businesses can take to improve their positions in local search results by improving their local SEO.

Technology & Media Outlook 2021

Activate identifies and evaluates the most important trends for tech and media in the coming year.

Tap into Sentimentality for the Holidays

4A’s Research partnered with Kantar, a leading evidence-based insights and consulting company, to survey 250 consumers on their plans for Halloween, holiday meals, and New Year’s Eve plans, using Express Surveys on Kantar Marketplace.

2020 Holiday Retail Survey

Spending, travel, in-store shopping, and timing are changing drastically during this year’s holiday shopping season, according to Deloitte’s annual holiday report. Read more to learn other holiday shopping behaviors that are shifting this year.

Hope for the Holidays

Vladimir Jones highlights six advertising trends that will shape the 2020 holiday season. 

Be Ready for 5 Shifts in Shopping Behavior this Holiday Season

Think with Google outlines five trends retailers need to be prepare for during the 2020 holiday shopping season.

Shopping Local During COVID and Impact of Black Lives Matter

4A’s Research, in partnership with Researchscape, surveyed consumers to find out how the coronavirus pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement impact shopping behaviors.