Connecting leaders to discuss mutual problems and exchange ideas.

The 4A’s Forum Program involves fixed groups of 10-18 CEOs from member agencies of similar size who gather to discuss mutual problems and exchange ideas. Forums consist of executives from different cities, so potential competitors do not participate in the same group. The purpose of a Forum is to help our members share knowledge and discuss common problems and experiences. Typical agenda items include new business strategies, agency compensation, human resource matters, mergers and acquisition concepts, and other areas of interest and concern to an agency CEO.

Each Forum is established as an ongoing group, so the benefits of participation can increase over time as individual members become more familiar and comfortable with each other.

What are the requirements of Forum membership?
The CEO of each member agency must commit to attend each meeting. He/she may bring a guest (e.g., another agency principal) on an exception basis.

Each Forum member must commit to sharing the combined costs of holding a meeting, including travel, food, accommodations, etc.

How are the Forum meetings structured?
There is no formal structure for the Forum meetings. A different member acts as moderator for each meeting. 4A’s staff representatives act as general facilitators, arranging for the meeting place and other logistical matters. The agenda for each meeting is determined by the Forum members.

For information on how to join a 4A’s Forum, contact Eric Rickert, [email protected], on our Member Engagement & Development team.