Inclusion and Exclusion lists to replace Whitelist and Blacklists

For many of us we know that words matter – at their best they can inspire better actions, and at their worst they can cause harm and incite violence.

For this reason we are asking all members effective immediately to cease the use of loaded terms used by the industry blacklist and whitelist. While we assume that there wasn’t negative intent in the creation of these terms, we have to acknowledge they are wrong to use in the biases they perpetuate and the pain – conscious and unconscious – they cause.

Our request is simple:
1. Change the narrative: Refer to content and sites you want included in your campaigns as Inclusion Lists, and conversely content and sites you want eliminated in your campaigns as Exclusion Lists
2. Activate your network: As leaders and representing your organizations, please cascade this shift and politely call out the conscious shift when you see others not doing it
3. Embed it in your operations: Update all operating documents and especially contracts between marketers, agencies, platforms, and technology partners to reflect this shift

We need to undertake all viable actions to chase out bias and create safety for all.