Video Benchmarks

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Extreme Reach provides a comprehensive report on the latest performance metrics for video ads.

Looking Further with Ford: 2020 Trends |

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The Ford Motor Company explores societal shifts expected to influence consumers, brands, and the transportation business in the year ahead.

Car Purchasing Process |

Mintel reveals consumer insights into the car buying process in this infographic series.

Tires Study |

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The Tire Review gives a comprehensive view of the tire market, including sections on consumer buying behaviors, dealer business insights, and tire brands.

Car Buyer Journey 2019

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Cox Automotive reveal insights into the path to purchase for new and used cars.

Top Independent Tire Dealers

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Modern Tire Dealer ranks the top 100 independent tire dealers in the U.S. by retail sales.

Car Parts & Ecommerce |

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Absolunet and inRiver provide an ecommerce guide automotive aftermarket merchants can use to target digital consumers.

Automotive Trends 2019

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PwC provides actions points auto manufacturers can embrace to succeed as the industry evolves.

The Autonomous Car: A Consumer Perspective

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Capgemini surveyed consumers around the world to learn their readiness and expectations for self-driving cars.

April Advertising Law Alert from Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz

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April highlights from Frankfurt Kurnit Klein + Selz’s Advertising Law Blog. Topics include cannabis marketing, SAG-AFTRA contract, using competitor trademarks in hashtags, and much more.

Automotive Ad Spend Forecasts: Executive Summary |

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Zenith explores the global automotive industry in this executive summary. Read on to learn about current marketing challenges, global ad spending growth from 2017-2020, and advertising by channel. Zenith also reveals five trends shaping the industry and what they mean for marketers.

NADA Data 2018 |

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NADA’s annual financial profile of new-car dealerships features state data, profit by department, ad expenditures, and consumer insights.