2020 Color Popularity Report

Axalta reports the most popular car colors around the world.

North American Camping Report

Kampgrounds of America examines what camping will look like post-COVID, and highlights increased interest in camping by first-timers.

Consumer Snapshots by Industry

4A’s Research periodically releases one-question surveys to gauge consumer attitudes, preferences, behaviors, and more on a variety of topics. 

Car Buyer Journey 2021 | Pandemic Edition

Cox Automotive examines the path-to-purchase for new and used cars during the coronavirus pandemic.

Top Independent Tire Dealers and Tire Facts Issue

Modern Tire Dealer ranks the top 100 independent tire dealers in the U.S. by retail sales.

Shifting Gears: COVID-19 and the Fast-changing Automotive Consumer

Capgemini spotlights emerging automotive trends coming out of the coronavirus pandemic, what trends will stick around post-COVID, and how auto companies can respond effectively to changing consumer behaviors.  

Global 500 2021 |

Brand Finance determines the 500 most valuable and strongest brands in the world. Rankings by industry and country are available.

Affluent Outlook |

Ipsos explores all aspects of the affluent market, including media habits, financial goals, and travel behaviors.

Global Automotive Consumer Study

Deloitte researches the consumer trends and disruptive technologies that will have the most impact on the automotive industry. 

Looking Further with Ford: 2021 Trends

The Ford Motor Company explores societal shifts expected to influence consumers, brands, and the transportation business in the year ahead.

2021 Topics and Trends Report

Facebook IQ looks at emerging global trends for 2020, including acting greener and making everyday moments special.

Car Purchasing Process |

Mintel reveals consumer insights into the car buying process in this infographic series.