Inside the Campaign: Doe-Anderson’s “Look for the N” for Norton Healthcare

In the series Inside the Campaign, the 4A’s features creative work from its member agencies. Here, Doe-Anderson shows its recent work for Norton Healthcare.

Campaign: “Look for the N”

Agency: Doe-Anderson

Client: Norton Healthcare

Program Background: As the Louisville area’s largest healthcare provider – with 140 locations, 1,837 licensed beds, 13,000+ employees and 2,000+ physicians – Norton Healthcare needed to make sure the community understood its mission is to provide quality care to each individual with compassion and expertise.

Doe-Anderson helped develop an innovative campaign that utilizes the strength of the Norton Healthcare brand to demonstrate the high-touch reality of a care system that can support a family’s health through every stage.

“The depth and breadth of our healthcare delivery system in the Louisville area is unrivaled,” said Dana Allen, Norton Healthcare senior vice president and chief marketing and communications officer. “A marketing challenge has always been to put a human face to our scale. To make our network of providers meaningful in the most individual of ways.”

The “Look for the N” campaign emphasizes that good health makes life’s most ordinary and most cherished events possible. Everyday moments that do not require medical treatment are depicted simultaneously throughout the campaign along with moments that do.

“We know that people don’t live their lives in hopes of becoming patients,” said Allen. “Rather, they are patients so that they can return to their lives. We want to remind people that Norton Healthcare – as a trusted healthcare partner – is here to help you achieve better health, so you can live a better life.”

One of the campaign’s most significant surprises is that a brand is not highlighted in the creative materials. In its place, a tagline tells the story – “Look for the N.”

“People connect our logo to our name,” said Allen. “They see it on our uniforms, on our buildings and in the community every day. Now they will see it prominently displayed in our advertising. When you see the ‘N,’ you know the help you need is near and that the team at Norton is ready, willing and able to return you to the life you long to live.”

“This campaign communicates with a tone of familiarity that only a brand as deeply connected to the community as Norton Healthcare can manage,” said David Vawter, Chief Creative Officer at Doe-Anderson. “It reflects a level of commitment that lifts Norton to the level of a local icon. Life in Louisville is better because of Norton Healthcare.”

The campaign targets two primary audiences: women, who are the Chief Healthcare Officers of their families, and Healthcare Veterans, a more mature audience that has more experience navigating the healthcare system.

“For too long healthcare marketing has targeted women as ‘generic’ healthcare decision makers. This campaign recognizes that, for every person, the challenges of providing quality healthcare for themselves and for their loved ones is paramount,” said Amy McNatt, Doe-Anderson account planner. “For example, a 44-year-old woman may be making tough elder-care choices for her parents and overseeing the needs of her active children, whereas another mother may be focused on her newborn and ensuring all pediatrician visits are in place and vaccinations are up to date while also juggling annual physicals for her soccer teen.”

The campaign launches during Olympic coverage, with television, radio, print, online and outdoor components that feature real Norton Healthcare physicians and staff, as well as patients and families. Online Doe-Anderson has identified 16 micro-niche Chief Healthcare Officer segments and six additional Healthcare Veteran segments.

“What we loved about this campaign is our ability to tailor the right story to the right person in a specific life stage online,” said Matt O’Mara, Doe-Anderson associate media director. “While at the same time using broadcast and other tools to highlight the power of the Norton Healthcare system.”