Letter to 4A’s Members Regarding Media Transparency Reports

Dear 4A’s Member –

By now, you’ve read or heard about the K2 Report commissioned by the ANA and issued on June 7. You will soon hear about a second report, this one from Ebiquity, a firm hired by the ANA to handle Phase 2 of the organization’s investigation into media practices. This report will make contractual recommendations to marketers that could affect agencies.

As you know, the 4A’s criticizes the K2 report for containing unsubstantiated, anonymous and one-sided allegations. And many of you have expressed dismay over being tainted by the industry-wide, negative discourse that followed.

Despite the report’s shortcomings, it’s become clear in the days that have followed that there are important questions and concerns regarding media buying practices for both marketers and agencies. We have to confront those issues.

It’s in everyone’s best interests – our member agencies and clients alike – to engage in a productive discussion that attempts to clarify a media landscape and process that has become increasingly complex.

Therefore after the Ebiquity report is issued and we’ve had a chance to review it, the 4A’s will propose sitting down with our counterparts at the ANA to explore common ground and hopefully resolve differences.

We continue to welcome your thoughts as we move forward seeking solutions that work for all our members.

Nancy Hill