Looking Forward: Ad Industry Perspectives for 2021 and Beyond

On November 18th, 2020 the 4A’s South Texas Council hosted “Looking Forward: Ad industry Perspectives for 2021 and Beyond”.

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has reverberated everywhere, resulting in both disruptive and opportunistic changes.  For agencies, this impact has included staff working from home, virtual everything (meetings, client sessions, new business pitches, and even productions), uncertain financials, and reassessment of office use and space needs.  As our industry has adjusted to a “new normal”, the question now is what will be the “next to normal”?

The presenters in this program will provide a perspective on the changes in our industry that will continue into 2021, along with the opportunities to reimagine what agencies can be.  While crises present challenges, they also provide opportunities to evolve and reemerge.  Marla Kaplowitz (President & CEO of the 4A’s) and Richard Ward (CEO of 22squared) will provide their insights on the considerations for our industry post-COVID, and ideas for how agencies can leverage the learnings from this crisis to make themselves more effective in the future

The 4A’s Agency Leadership Series is a program that enables agency senior executives to hear from their peers who have successfully dealt with the challenges facing agencies today.  Speakers are featured who have faced very difficult circumstances (e.g., client losses, restructurings, creating new corporate cultures) with their agencies and have transitioned them into robust and thriving enterprises.  Importantly, these sessions are meant to be interactive opportunities for attendees to engage with the speaker(s), generate discussion, and obtain insights that will be useful in managing their agencies.

To watch click the recorded webinar video below.