Production Matters | Music Licensing Battles Over Ownership Rights May Impact Agencies and Advertisers

Brewing battles between artists and music companies over ownership rights may pose a liability problem for producers of commercials, motion pictures, television programs, digital content and others who seek to use certain musical works. Although the initial legal battles are between the performers and the music companies, music licensees—agencies and advertisers—need to be aware of the conflict and make efforts to protect themselves going forward by investigating works they are considering licensing and which would be impacted by this issue.

James L. Johnston, Partner, and Daniel Nemat-Nejat, Associate, of the law firm Davis & Gilbert LLP, have authored the article “Copyright Termination Rights Create Quandaries for Music Licensees,” which is accessible to 4A’s members.

This article also provides concrete steps for licensees to take when trying to license music impacted by copyright termination rights.

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