Nancy Hill Announces Two 4A’s Initiatives Regarding Media Transparency

Dear 4A’s Member,

We want to make you aware of two initiatives regarding the critical industry issue of Media Transparency.

#1 – As you know, the 4A’s in January issued Transparency Guiding Principles of Conduct designed to outline recommended behaviors to inform client and agency agreements, particularly around media buying and planning.

At the 4A’s Board of Directors meeting last week, the Board unanimously voted to elevate the TGPC from a recommendation to a practice standard for membership. The 4A’s calls upon its members to abide by the behaviors and conduct set forth in the TGPC to remain in good standing in the association.

It is our strong belief that transparency is a core principle and the cornerstone of the agency and client relationship. The TGPC is based upon a belief that sound and ethical practice is good business. Trust and respect is indispensable to success in our business where relationships must be based on good faith.

Clear and willful violations of the TGPC may be referred to the Board of Directors of the 4A’s for appropriate action, including possible annulment of membership as provided by Article IV, Section 5, of the 4A’s Constitution and By-Laws.

#2 – In light of this development, it is a top priority of the 4A’s to assist our member agencies in understanding and implementing the principles of the TGPC.

Toward that end, last week we launched a series of member meetings where we will discuss the TPGC, issues surrounding agency/client relationships and best practices moving forward in an increasingly complex media marketplace. Following a member meeting in NYC, work sessions will be held across the U.S. in various cities.

Thank you and regards,

Nancy Hill
President and CEO