Production Matters | Reminder: Unauthorized Commercial Use of Olympic Designations Is Prohibited

It is important to remember that the unauthorized commercial use of any Olympic trademarks, logos or symbols, as well as any conduct tending to suggest any connection with the Olympics or the United States Olympic Committee (USOC), is prohibited by a federal law enacted in 1998, which grants exclusive rights to all Olympic marks to the USOC. Protected marks and symbols include Olympiad, Olympic, Team USA, “Go for the Gold,” and the Olympic rings.

The USOC actively enforces its rights to the Olympic marks. Agencies and their clients should not use these Olympic marks or in any way imply affiliation with the Olympic Games unless they are an official sponsor of the Olympics and the uses of the Olympic marks have been approved by the USOC.

Please Note: Tickets to the Olympic Games should not be used as prizes in sweepstakes or contests without permission from the USOC.

Thanks to Brian D. Fergemann, Partner, Winston + Strawn, LLC, for sharing this timely reminder.

Further information pertaining to rights and permissions regarding Olympic designations can be found at