Project Management Materials Repository

There are individuals in multiple agency communities that are engaged in a variety of ways in managing projects in their agencies. The purpose of this site is to provide to those individuals resources and related guidance that will enable them to be better equipped to address the many challenges they encounter in those activities involving their project management responsibilities.

4A’s will be proactive in curating and posting materials to this site. Our engagement with the members of the agency Project Management Community shows that as a group, individuals who assume roles and duties associated with this agency discipline want not only to be proficient in their roles, but also maintain a strong commitment to support their industry peers. In recognition of this commitment, 4A’s supports and welcomes the sharing of information among the members of our Project Management Community.

To those 4A’s members who would like to discuss adding information to this project management materials’ repository, please contact Sal Conte at [email protected]

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PMBOK® Guide 6th Ed Processes Explained with Ricardo Vargas

Video and attachment provided by Ricardo Vargas, project management professional.  Ricardo breaks down and illustrates the 49 ITTO’s and Processes identified within the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK). For those preparing for the PMP Exam from the Project Management Institute, or those looking to refine their project management skills.    

Project Management Series: Breakout Session #2 – Managing Scope of Work: A Guide for Project Managers |

This session, held on December 15, 2020, picks up from the November 17th discussion “Managing Scope of Work: A Guide for Project Managers” and responds to topics that were determined and prioritized through a poll of 4A’s Project Management and Finance Community Members. The session moderator is Jeff Thaler. Jeff is a consultant to a […]

“Managing Scope of Work: A Guide for Project Managers” |

This video is of the 2nd session of the 4A’s project management discussion series covering annual scopes of work. Session discussion includes… The PM Role And Responsibilities – The PM role is positioned differently in each organization so alignment on what we are and are not responsible for is important to clarify. Setting Up Your […]

Project Management Series: Breakout Session #1 – Annual Scope of Work

This session, held on October 21, 2020, picks up from the October 6th discussion “The Annual Scope of Work Process” and responds to topics that were determined and prioritized through a poll of 4A’s Project Management and Finance Community Members. This breakout session was moderated by Jeff Thaler, a consultant to a number of organizations […]

4A’s Project Management Operations: Annual Scope of Work Process |

This is a joint meeting of the 4A’s Project Management and Regional Finance Communities held on October 6, 2020. The session was moderated by Jeff Thaler, a consultant to a number of organizations on Agency and Client-side Service Delivery, Project Management, and Operations. Jeff most recently served as the head of Program Management and Operations […]

Client Onboarding Strategic Template + Project Review Guidance

This page provides a Client Onboarding Strategic Template and Project Review Guidance  

Project Management Overview for Leaders |

Project Management Overview for Leaders. June 10, 2020 Community discussion led by Jeff Thaler, Head of Program Management at GroupM US. View the webinar deck here.  

MPF 2019 Managing & Optimizing PxP (Project by Project) Relationships

    Neal Grossman | Chief Operating Officer, The Designory and eg+ Worldwide | Chief Compensation Officer, TBWA Worldwide Marisa Lieberman | Vice President–Director of Project Management, McCann Health New Jersey (MHNJ) Dave Lubeck | Executive Vice President, Executive Director, Bernstein-Rein Advertising / Unbound Cathi Perkins | Business Optimization Manager, Butler/Till Media Services Download presentation […]

Project-by-Project Do’s & Don’ts | Agency Best Practice Guidance |

The industry is seeing more clients evolving Project-by-Project (PxP) arrangements with agencies. PxP relationships between clients and agencies create both opportunities and challenges for both marketers and marketing services firms. Members of the 4A’s community have been endeavoring to figure out best practices for dealing with the shift by some clients from annual retainer relationships with their agencies to PxP relationships.

Making Agile Work in Agencies |

Having successfully implemented Agile techniques at almost 100 agencies – and seen them tried at hundreds more – Jack Skeels will explain which techniques work and don’t, why that is, and what sort of results you should expect in your implementation.